Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm Back! And I'm Moving This Week.

Hey strangers!

As you may have guessed, Tom, Will, Hallie, and I were out of town last week. We were visiting family in a remote area of Northern Wisconsin (stay tuned for a post or two about our vacation adventures) with VERY limited internet access, which meant I wasn't able to blog as often as I would have liked.

We're home again though (we finally crawled into our own beds at 3:45 AM this morning), and I plan to jump right back in to my regular blogging schedule starting tomorrow. I should mention, however, that our family is moving this week - and Tom's entire department at TAMU is moving this week - so there's a chance my home internet may cut out for a day or two as our cable/internet company transfers our service from our old house to our new house. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth transition, but am asking for your forgiveness in advance should there be bumps in the road.

Here's to a busy but exciting week!

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