Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Houston, We Have a Purple

Have you heard about the new “Texas” nail polish collection by OPI? I hadn’t, and I live in Texas. My mom had, however, and she lives in Wisconsin. She’s much cooler than I am.

My mom came to visit us recently and while she was here she insisted we stop at Ulta to check out the colors. (On a related note, I’d never been to an Ulta before. It was like Sephora, only better. No blaring music, no overpowering perfumes, no seizure-inducing lighting, and no employees wearing crazy eye make-up who provoke questions like “What is WRONG with her eyes, Mama?! Did she get in a fight with a tiger?!” from my four-year-old.)

According to the OPI website, the Texas Collection is “A fresh and refreshing facet to an effortlessly chic, very unique, and colorful original style season.” I’d call the collection fun, vibrant, and unique, especially when it comes to the names of the colors:

Do You Think I’m Tex-y?
Houston We Have a Purple
Too Hot Pink to Hold ‘Em
Y’all Come Back Ya Hear?
Big Hair…Big Nails
Guy Meets Gal-veston
Don’t Mess With OPI
Suzi Loves Cowboys
San Tan-tonio
Austin-tatious Turquoise
It’s Totally Fort Worth It
I Vant to be A-lone Star

SO clever! My mom and I decided we needed San Tan-tonio, Too Hot Pink to Hold ‘Em, and Houston We Have a Purple (my two-year-old wanted Austin-tatious Turquoise, but we’ve already established that I’m not that cool and therefore probably couldn’t pull it off). Here they are in all their glory:

In case you're wondering, that's my mom's foot on the left, my foot on the right, and Hallie's feet in the middle. Poor little girl has her daddy's (as he describes them) monster/ogre toes.

If the color is pretty enough, even a newly-two-year-old can sit quietly while her toenails are painted.

So if you’re a girlfriend of mine, watch your mailbox – there might be a bottle of Suzi Loves Cowboys or It’s Totally Fort Worth It on it’s way to you sometime this year!

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  1. Just got around to reading the new blog (thank you mini vacation, napping toddler and a 2 room hotel room!) I'm so glad I got a chance to catch up on your adventures and thanks to FB catch up on your life! Looks like you guys are so happy and making the best of your Texan Life! Jimmy's aunt/uncle live in San Antonio and we've been there several times so I can kind of understand your new surroundings! HECK - I can relate to some of that things even from living in Southern Illinois!! LOL

    Enjoyed the posts - jealous of how organized you are to actually post on 2 blogs, FB, and raise 2 cute kids! You go Texas Girl! :)