Friday, May 24, 2024

High Five for Friday (5.24.24)



Last week (or the week before - all of May is running together and as a result I think I've shared a few of my high fives out of order) I had the honor of accompanying a good friend to the CSISD Awards Banquet, where she received the Paraprofessional of the Year Award for A&M Consolidated High School. 

Kristen works as hard as anyone in our school district, and she cares for and supports all of her students (which is all of the students at Consol) with her whole heart and every ounce of her being. She's also a wonderful friend, and I'm so sad that in a few weeks life's twists and turns are taking her away from Consol and out of College Station. I think knowing that she's leaving soon made celebrating her that evening even more meaningful.


Both Will and Hallie received a Tiger Award last week - Will for mathematics (Calculus AB) and Hallie for foreign language (Spanish II). Hallie was in her seat a good 15 minutes before the presentation started; Will, on the other hand, sat down in his seat 10 seconds AFTER the principal started talking. We're working on understanding what it actually means and looks like to be on time...


Though their time with us was short-lived, Pathos and Adansonii fit right in at our house. They were fun and easy, all things considered, and when they weren't playing, they liked to snuggle - which is our favorite characteristic in a kitten. 😉


One of my favorite traditions is taking my kids out to lunch - each of them individually - during finals week. This week Will picked Twisted Noodle (I think he's chosen Twisted Noodle for our last three finals week lunches) and Hallie picked Freebirds. I usually take a picture of their food when they're not looking so I can remember the lunch but they won't be annoyed by me asking for another photo with them.

I also got a bonus lunch with Will last week, when he finished his AP test and texted me to see if I wanted to meet him for lunch before he had to go back to school. "YES" will always be my answer.


Happiness Highlights

Tom in Montreal for a conference.

Hallie and Cayla "twinning" for studio spirit week.

My inlaws, sis-in-law, nephews, and niece all together
in Canada! (I wish it were sweatshirt weather here... 😂)

Look what I made!

Enjoying a little peace and quiet on campus (last week,
before it got too hot to be outside which is the case now).

A little - a lot of - love for Ms. Aya.

Will decided we needed to do a taste test of these
three weird beverages. Spoiler alert - they're all terrible.

Ms. Natalie is heading to Texas Ballet
Theater (in Dallas/Fort Worth)...

...we'll miss her!

Last week of school errand running. 😋

Tom and his student, Anderson, made the TAMU Instagram page!

His tiny little blep... 😍

A sweet card from Ms. Aya ahead of
this weekend's production of Cinderella. 

Under Hallie's name is "Aya" and then "thank you."

Happy weekend, friends!

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