Friday, May 17, 2024

High Five for Friday (5.17.24)

This time of year is absolutely nuts and I feel like I'm going a little bit crazy (like just about every other mother I know)...but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I have so many things for which to be grateful right now, so let's fire up those high fives!


Though bittersweet, Signing Day - at which FIVE Lads signed letters of intent to play at the next level - was a huge success. I was honored to help with this event, and I'm so excited for what lies ahead for these friends and teammates of Will's.


Staff Appreciation Week, though following the theme of "absolutely nuts and a little bit crazy," is always a fun and rewarding series of events of which to be a part and was a success again this year.


Hallie's last choir concert - a Pops Coffeehouse Concert - was my favorite performance of the year. Everything, from solos and duets to large group numbers with choreography and costumes, comes from the students, and the night is such a perfect way to wrap up the year. 


  • A tutu-wearing, dancing dog.
  • The choir boys' epic rendition of Let it Go (definitely a top five performance I've ever seen on the high school stage).
  • Hallie's first high school solo.

Hallie's solo starts with, "and so you're back..."

Shoutout to Hallie's friend Abby, who let her
borrow a disco dance costume for the concert!


On Mother's Day we had started off slow with coffee and kolaches, and then Hallie and I went for a walk in the rain before we all tackled our regular Sunday jobs. In the evening, I got together with a few friends for charcuterie, spirits, and the kind of laughter that makes your sides hurt - always good for the soul. There was a small blip on the radar of my good day in the late evening hours, but the rebound from that blip was fantastic: an offer to help me with a less-than-desirable task from my girl, an invitation to lunch the following day from my boy, and a lovely, heartfelt note from both kids. (I took zero pictures the entire day.)

Sunday was also my sister's birthday. Of course we called to sing...except we don't sing Happy Birthday to Sara. She has her own birthday song that the kids wrote many years ago...which I still can't find a video of, sadly.


Happiness Highlights

A lovely image from the girls' performance at RDA. (When I figure out
who the photo credit belongs to, I'll come back and add that information.)

We've since picked three more delicious grape
tomatoes and one good-sized green pepper!

Looks like Wisconsin...

My nephew, Carter, repping the Lads up in Illinois.

Molly LOVES watching television. In the beginning she was
partial to sports, but it seems she's broadening her horizons and
trying new kinds of programming. And learning to read. 

Please turn into a lime...

Sometimes Popeye sits just inside Will's bedroom
door and waits for him to get home. It's so sweet.

Every year. 😍

She waits for me under the covers at the foot of
the bed. She can get to this spot without disturbing
the bedding AT ALL, which I don't understand.

Meanwhile, this buddy lives for grocery day, when
he gets to hang out with his best friend, plastic bag.

Happy weekend, friends!

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