Friday, May 10, 2024

High Five for Friday (5.10.24)


Last week I skipped my usual HFFF post in favor of highlighting the bond we hoped to pass here in College station, so this week's HFFF post covers a couple of week's of good stuff!



Both bond proposals passed! I'm grateful to all those - administration, faculty/staff, parents, and STUDENTS - who helped make it happen, and thrilled that updates and upgrades will be made so students will (hopefully soon) have safer, more functional facilities in/on which to practice, rehearse, train, heal, perform, compete, and spectate.


Last year we traveled with Hallie's ballet company to the Regional Dance America (RDA) southwest regional festival in Midland. This year, we took it up a notch and traveled to the RDA national festival in Daytona Beach. The girls spent the better part of four days attending classes (and walking between the three facilities that housed the classes), while the moms each played a role in getting the girls up and out of the hotel in the morning, walking the girls to and from their classes, and preparing, delivering, setting up, and cleaning up meals. Hallie's company had one of their dances selected for the Saturday night performance, and they did a lovely job on stage; I know they made their director, teacher/choreographer, and studio incredibly proud.

Last rehearsal with Ms. Aya before the left. 

With their director, Ms. Christi.


Thankfully, we had a little - though not a lot - to enjoy Florida. Hallie was particularly excited to travel on an airplane with friends, and I think the experience lived up to her expectation that doing so would be SO FUN. From my perspective, I was happy we didn't have too many travel snafus and pleased to discover that my friend Jenn and I fly well together as we have similar thoughts and take similar steps with regard to preparedness, arrival times, etc. (Tom and I don't at all. 😂)

Avery's turn to nap on Hallie...

...and Hallie's turn to nap on Avery.

In between the responsibilities I mentioned above, the moms were able to spend a couple of hours on the beach one afternoon, and then moms and dancers had another beach afternoon - I LOVED getting to play in the ocean with Hallie, even if it meant I had to wash and dry and restyle my hair that evening. 😉 Besides that afternoon, I think my favorite part of Florida was evenings in the hot tub (or by the hot tub, in my case, as I'm not a fan) with friends while the girls were at the shows every night.

The moms decided it would be fun to try to take photos like our dancing'd we do? 😂

And a few more to wrap things up.


While I was in Florida, Will went to his first school dance since the end-of-the-year dance in sixth grade. I was so sad to miss Prom and After Prom (which is essentially a huge lock-in at which kids hang out with friends, play golf, play miniature golf, play yard games, eat, win prizes and scholarships, and stay safe during the hours after prom ends) but I'm grateful Will had a fantastic time with his girlfriend and their group of friends at both events. Will and Brooke called me from the car between dinner and the dance to check in (I think Will knew how hard it was for me to miss this event) and it was so fun to talk to them, and then he and I texted when he got home from After Prom since he was just going to bed and I was already up and on the way to the airport in Florida.

Tom was in charge of photos, which is why they're less than stellar. He tried, but he didn't quite capture what I envisioned... 😂


It's banquet season! Last week we put on banquets to wrap up both the Cavalry Soccer Club year and the Lads season. (I have more things to share about the Lads, but I just can't write them yet.) We worked hard, had fun, ate a lot of Mexican food and brownie bites, and celebrated all the good that came out of both teams and programs.

Cavalry 05/06 Black

Receiving my "thank you" from Coach Southern.

The captains with Coach Southern, District 5A Coach of the Year.

One more Lads selfie for the '24 season.

Post-banquet beach volleyball - these
guys can and will compete at anything.

One last mamas selfie. 😭

Happy weekend, friends!

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