Friday, March 22, 2024

High Five for Friday (3.22.24)



Big update... Your Lads are DISTRICT CHAMPIONS! They took down their final district opponent 6-0 to clinch the top spot. 

The Lads' last four regular seasons ended in disappointment (2020 - cancelled, 2021 - didn't make playoffs, 2022 - missed out on playoffs by 1 point, 2023 - missed out on district champion by 1 point), so what a gift it was to see them get to end this regular season with a massive celebration.   

Kind of a weird shot - he was 10 feet below me and had to
jump up and grab the rail, do a pull-up, and then hold himself in
that position while I got it together enough to take our picture.

The Lads scrimmaged 6A Stony Point High School in Austin this past Wednesday - a "tune up" game - and came away with both the regular time win and the fake shootout (so both teams could practice and prepare for possible shootouts during the playoffs) victory.

Another weird was windy and really dark, and the "live"
function, which I use to grab his best smile, doesn't work in the dark. 

#wegoagain in the first round of the playoffs on Tuesday against Chaparral in Killeen. 


Just seven hours after we got home from the above-mentioned district champion victory, we were on the road heading for the airport to catch our flight to Arizona. Despite a few mishaps, we had a great trip, which I'll share more about next week!


I planned our trip so that when we returned we would still have a few days of spring break left to recover and relax. We all, as planned, recovered and relaxed (or at least we tried to, while adjusting to the stupid time change), but Tom and I also worked in the yard and around the house while Will played soccer and disc golf with friends and Hallie fit in a little dancing. (You know they love what they do when they go immediately back to it after just a few days away.)

A little before and after of an area in our backyard that we'd kind of "let go" over the course of the last year. It was driving me CRAZY, so Tom cleared out the junk (not pictured) that was piling up (one of us is a bit of a hoarder), I weeded until my fingers bled and my hands cramped in the shape of claws, Will bagged leaves and brush, and then Tom went shopping at Lowe's, planted a few new bushes and flowers, and layed bags of mulch. The yard still needs so much spring-time TLC (the weeds just never stop and I can't keep up with them), but this was a step in the right direction!


We said goodbye to our prison babies right before we left for spring break. They (specifically Belle) were one of my more challenging litters, at least for the first month, but we loved those little criminals dearly and are so happy they found their forever home. 

Anne is just so cute - I could eat her up.

Every day, once they'd figured out how to climb on our bed,
they rearranged the throw pillows to make themselves a little nest.

They found "Duke's spot." 😍


Happiness Highlights

The little matchbox marshmallow roasting kits Santa
gifted the kids in their stockings turned out to really fun. 

Hallie's St. Patrick's Day cake.

She wasn't happy with it, but the rest of us through it was
delicious and exceptionally bright and cheerful on the inside!

When I moved away from home, my mom bought me
a Winnie the Pooh measuring cup. I used it regularly until
very recently, when the markings became so worn that it
could no longer measure anything correctly. A few days
after she visited me last, a new one arrived. 

Love her.

I am DEEP down the "where is Kate Middleton"
rabbit hole, so that, coupled with my love for cats,
has made this my new favorite photoshop effort.

Will is learning to paint. I think he was excited
we could all (well, most of us) identify this effort.

Just a tiny little project of mine and Hallie's.

Tux's new tree is showing signs of life.

Happy weekend, friends!

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