Friday, March 1, 2024

High Five for Friday (3.1.24)



Starting today and running throughout the month of March, I'm participating in Catwalk 2024, a fundraiser for Six Kittens Rescue. For just $10, you can join in the fun! 

Have you ever wanted to swish your tail on the catwalk? Here is your chance!

Walk 200K steps throughout the month of March to help promote our mission of saving the most fragile of kitties in the Brazos Valley. It costs only $10 to register and there are TONS of prizes available. You don't even have to be local to BCS to walk with us!

You know we are all about community, so every person who registers will have access to an EXCLUSIVE Facebook group to network with fellow Catwalkers. Want to get a group together? Do it! Want to encourage one another? YES! Want to win prizes? You gotta join!

Register here:

Once you register, you will be sent the link for logging your steps!


Another week, another Lads update! On Friday night the Lads beat Magnolia at home to add another tally in the win column. 

Mamas in their boys' jerseys, plus a great photobomb.

Yes, Will's initials actually are WTF.

A slightly fuller post-game selfie for the Magnolia game.

I keep posting these, partly because I want to remember the
fun I had with my soccer mama friends and partly because the
photobombers really do deserve to have their hard work shared.

Tom drove home from the game proudly flying his Lads flag.

However on Tuesday night, they lost for the first time in district to their cross-town rival. For the second time this season, they lost a player to a red card foul. That foul led to a penalty kick, and then the Lads had to play down for the remainder of the first half and all of the second half. Though the scoreboard at the end of the game indicated a loss, the Lads truly showed up, stepped up, and played a great game, fully hanging in until the very end despite competing down a man on the field. Additionally, our fans showed up and stepped up - we had an INCREDIBLE turnout for a soccer game, and I'm so proud of those who worked tirelessly to get butts in the seats and grateful to the students, student organizations*, teachers, staff members, families, and friends who supported the Lads from the stands. 

An even bigger selfie for Will.

Jenn and Avery had to leave before we took
our selfie, but we still got our friends picture.

Hallie liked soccer much better with a friend.

Will and Ms. Jedlicka, his physics teacher, who he chose
to honor for Staff Appreciation Night. I love watching him
develop relationships with his teachers - he had such fun
banter with her, and I heard him call another of his all-time
favorite teachers "C-Money." (Which she then explained to me that
they'd landed together on after he tried out a few failed nicknames.)

* We held our first-ever Staff Appreciation Night with 25 staff members showing up in support of the student who selected them as their honoree, the outstanding Aiden Ross (a member of choir) sang the National Anthem live, the Maroon Men hyped the crowd, the Bengal Belles performed at halftime, and the drumline played throughout the first half. I don't think any of these things have EVER happened at a soccer game at our school (or pretty much any other high school we've been to, for that matter) before. We also held our regular teacher vs. student halftime competition, offered giveaways to the first 25 students in attendance, and raffled off gift cards to local restaurants. We are working our tails off to make sure our school community knows both how awesome the Lads are and how amazing soccer is to play and watch. 


Though I was sad we couldn't give them two wins, my parents were thrilled to be in town - all the way from Wisconsin - to support the Lads for both of the above-mentioned games. They've been soccer fans since I started playing in kindergarten or first grade, and have loved getting to be in the stands in support of another generation of "Mueller" athlete. And they haven't missed a beat when it comes to yelling at offering constructive criticism to those officiating the game. 😉


It's a law that if kittens fall asleep on you, you can't get up. I laid here for more than an hour until they woke up and decided to be crazy again, and it was the best (except that I was wishing I'd already brushed my teeth, given that it was 11pm). 


Happiness Highlights

Plié's new favorite napping spot...she
looks so peaceful on top of the refrigerator.

Will's team dinner 'fit - he had an orchestra concert
in the middle of the team dinner, so he ate, ran to his
concert, and ran back while everyone else hot tub-ed.
Photo credit belongs to a six-year-old "fan"...

Do you think we had enough chips?

My new tiger earrings!

Shopping when Grandma comes to visit. (No,
we didn't buy all of those shoes. These were just
the pairs the three of us wanted to try on.)

Team dinner - love seeing these Lads hanging out together.

I frequently turn my nervous/anxious energy (like the
energy I feel before big games) into frantic cleaning or
organizing projects. Too bad I started this one - my
closet - and haven't finished it yet. 

Lads matracas for Staff Appreciation Night! We've made
and shared these noisemakers all season, but they made it
into the Happiness Highlights this week because I printed
the final three all by my big girl self!

Popeye's finished product from Tuesday's
- thanks for sending this to me, Mal!

Happy weekend, friends!

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