Friday, March 8, 2024

High Five for Friday (3.8.24)



Last Friday night the Lads won over Rudder. I was incredibly proud of Will for stepping into a challenging and "high stakes" position - center back - for his team, and of the Lads as a whole for handling a little late-in-the-game chaos with poise and by supporting one another.

Turns out Will's picture was in the newspaper after the previous
Tuesday's game. Thanks to my friend Kimberly for spotting it for me!

On Tuesday night the Lads ended up with a tie, but again I was so proud of them - they went down 0-2 early after two flukes/errors, but they came back to take the lead 3-2. Another fluke/error with just a few minutes left allowed their opponent to tie the game at 3-3, where it ended despite an amazing goal-scoring attempt with less than five seconds left on the clock.

Our last home game is always Senior Night. It'll be hard to say
goodbye to this year's MANY (14 players, two managers) seniors
when their season comes to an end.

Little Lad, Big Lad

The Lads go again tonight, in their final district match of the season. 


I asked Will if it was hard for him to switch gears, from a team sport like soccer on Friday evening to an individual sport like disc golf on Saturday morning. He told me it wasn't, and then put an exclamation point on that statement by winning the Throwing Down the Gauntlet Platinum Tier tournament in the MA2 division. This win confirms that he'll move up to MA1, the highest level of amatuer play. (Turns out that with his score, Will actually would have won the MA1 division had he been entered there.)

I watched a couple of holes from afar, but since it appears Will plays his best when neither of his parents are nearby, I ducked out earlier than I would have liked... 


...the next day, though, Will asked me if I wanted to go disc golfing with him. Even though I'm not great, I don't like disc golf courses (bugs, snakes, thorns, poison ivy, etc.), and I had just gotten out of the shower, I immediately and enthusiastically agreed to go. When your teenage son wants to spend time with you, you say yes, you go, you do it. And you never regret your decision.


Tom spent the weekend in Nebraska (he left Saturday morning, after the Friday night game, and got home late Monday night before the Tuesday game - can't miss the Lads), celebrating his dad's birthday and our puppy nephew's birthday. We discovered that if you factor in "dog years," Tom's dad and Fabio turned the same age on their birthdays...I'll let you do the math and figure that one out. 😉

The birthday boy picking up Uncle Tom at the airport.

Tom made light-up bow ties for both his dad and
Fabio for their birthdays. They were pretty excited
about their new formalwear. 

Checking out downtown Omaha. 


Spring Break starts this afternoon! (Or maybe spring break starts this evening, after the Lads' final district game comes to an end.) We have some fun adventures planned, but we also hope to tackle our yard (why is outdoor spring cleaning so tedious and difficult?), prep for upcoming spring and summer travel, and, if we're lucky, fit in a little rest and relaxation. I'm taking the week off from posting here to spend as much time as I can with my kiddos and Tom - see you on Tuesday, March 19th!

Flashback Friday: Spring Break 1997. My friends and I went to Clearwater, FL during our senior year of high school. I'm still not sure how I convinced my mom - or any of us convinced our parents, for that matter - to let me go... 

Happy weekend/spring break, friends!

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