Friday, November 3, 2023

High Five for Friday (11.3.23)

Because I mixed things up a little - posting-wise - this week, today's HFFF post includes a couple of weeks worth of good news...and because the post includes a couple of week's of good news, I snuck a couple of extra high fives in there at the end. 😉


Will's fall orchestra concert included an extra "fun" song - Will didn't love playing it (apparently the cello part is pretty basic), but the crowd enjoyed listening to it.

I forgot to take pics of both sides of our (post-orchestra concert traditional dinner) IHOP table like I usually do, but I did take pictures of our table after Will finished his four plates of food plus everyone else's leftovers because it was impressive.


We cruised through our first Nutcracker run-through and are only a week away from our second run-through, which means the show is nearly here!

Hallie and I left home while it was still dark outside and arrived at
the theater before the sun had fully risen. It was a VERY early morning.

One of my responsibilities as a Board member is to oversee our headshots. Due to a series of unfortunate events, we had to take these photos at a different time, at a different location, and using a different system than in years past...and all three - time, location, and system - ended up being far superior. We have room for improvement of course, but getting the photos done and streamlining everything about them felt like such a win.

A special thanks to Danielle House Photography for joining our headshots team and doing a great job on our photos!


I was so excited to watch Will compete in a disc golf tournament for the first time a couple of weeks ago. This was a tough competition for him - he moved up a bracket and it was a championship tournament, so his opponents were considerably stronger than those against whom he's thrown in the past - and while the end result wasn't what he wanted, he hung in there and finished strong. 

When Will plays, Tom walks the course behind Will's group and keeps track of the score. I didn't want to walk with Tom, partly because being that close to the action would make me nervous and partly because I didn't want Will to have to share with the other (adult) competitors that his mom was following along, so I kept my distance and watched from afar. 

Of course he's wearing have to really want to see him to
see him. This shot gives you an idea of how far away I stayed though.

It was especially fun for me to watch Will and his "caddy" - his buddy Graylen - interact on the course. It's incredibly heartwarming to see your kids' friends show up for them when it matters.

Again, you have to really want to see them. 😂


Have you voted yet? I have (I love early voting), and while I know this is only relevant to my readers who live in College Station, I'm proud to share that I supported Geralyn Nolan for CSISD School Board and ALL FOUR propositions in the CSISD bond. Let me know if you have questions about the candidates or the bond propositions!


On Friday night, we took in the cross-town rivalry football game between Consol (our high school) and CSHS (the other high school), which is the most authentic Texas Friday Night Lights experience one can have in our neck of the woods. Will worked concessions with the Lads the entire night, and Hallie and I arrived at halftime and stayed until the bitter end...when Consol lost by a touchdown with only a couple of seconds left. Despite the loss, we had a great time!


On Saturday, the ballet company moms and I hosted a community-wide garage and bake sale to raise money for our upcoming trip to the Regional Dance America 2024 National Festival. We met our goal for the sale, which was a great start to our fundraising efforts - thanks to all of our local friends who helped us publicize the sale and who came out and shopped!


Hallie doesn't have social media, but many of her friends do and it's especially fun when I find pics of Hallie on their pages. 

Love this "little kid" filter because it reminds me...

...of what they actually looked like as little kids.


Happiness Highlights

We're getting ready to cheer on the Lads!

A great spot to watch the Hawkeyes
play on Saturday afternoon... 

This girl is as energetic, exuberant, and playful as
they come. When we're in "her" room, she affords us
absolutely zero privacy or personal space.

Love this candid.

One of the beautiful new murals recently painted around
CS is on the side of our favorite wine bar - it's been fun to
watch the building transform these last few weeks! 

Halloween crafting with my girl.

Sometimes, when Popeye misses the kids while
they're at school, he naps in their beds. Other times
he brings their toys to his bed. 😍

Happy weekend, friends!

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