Friday, November 17, 2023

High Five for Friday (11.17.23)



I was able to attend a Leadership in Board Service seminar at TAMU at the end of last week. Though not everything covered during the seminar applied to the boards on which I sit, the information shared - by the seminar leaders and through conversation with other attendees - was valuable and it was fun for me to put on my nonprofit leadership hat again...for the first time in years.

For fun, here's a pic of Hallie - sporting a "handle with
care" Red Cross onesie - that appeared in a Red Cross
calendar back when I worked for the organization.


We have a new microwave and dishwasher! You know you're old when appliances top the list of things you got excited about last week...


We had a great Nutcracker run-through on Saturday and a fantastic Nutcracker portrait day on Sunday. Yes, there were a few snafus, but those we faced didn't derail our forward momentum and it felt great to have both under our belts/behind us.

It's possible the adults running portrait day
had more fun than the kids taking pictures.

And we LOVED working
with Fig-Mint Photography!


This girly has moved on to her furever home. We all miss her, but none of us miss her as much as Popeye, who spent all of yesterday searching for her around the house. He's such a fantastic foster brother.


Happiness Highlights

Twice last weekend we all had time to eat/watch tv/play a game
together. This RARELY happens, and it felt like an absolute gift.

I love getting to put a new Buff City Soap in my shower.

Will and Hallie's "Consol Cares" group at the Arts Council. More on
this amazing opportunity and community outreach event in a future post!

He only snuggles when he's feeling lonely, so while it's
sad he was missing Gray, Will loved the extra attention.

Happy weekend, friends!

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