Friday, November 10, 2023

High Five for Friday (11.10.23)


This last week has been a doozy, and that's saying something, because the week before was a doozy as well. Hallie put it perfectly when at one point she responded to less-than-stellar news (this time about a school-related issue) with, "well isn't that just kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic." Thanks, Friends, for making sure we have a funny comeback to use in just about every situation. 


We had a great Halloween. We had friends over, the kids went trick-or-treating (and the dads accompanied for part of the evening), and the moms ran the candy cannon in the driveway.

Hallie's Halloween breakfast creation.

2nd Annual Consol Spooky Scrimmage - Will
played an entire game dressed in a Care Bears onesie.

Gray's dressed up as a mouse.

And Popeye dressed up as a candy corn.


Hallie received a wonderful role - her first demi-soloist role - in her ballet academy's production of Cinderella (to be performed Memorial Day weekend 2024). She's thrilled, and is looking forward to starting rehearsals...after Nutcracker, of course. 


Hallie had a great choir concert last Thursday night, but the best part about the night was when Will forgot that Hallie was in high school - they go to the SAME school and he drives her to school EVERY morning - and "went to the concert" at the middle school. Thankfully he called me, and once I pointed out his mistake he booked it to the high school and was still able to see and hear her sing.


I didn't get picked for jury duty. 😉


This little pipsqueak has squirmed her way into Popeye's heart and has even managed to get Plié to warm up to her. 

Happy weekend, friends!

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