Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Monthly Medley: September 2023


I loved Mad Honey by Jodi Picoult - it was a fantastic read from start to finish. I've read three books by her now, and all have been excellent. She starts off strong, which is a feature I need, and then even though her storylines aren't exactly mysteries, she weaves a mysterious component into each. I highly recommend Mad Honey, as well as Picoult as an author!


This month I started watching Suits on Netflix, and while I wasn't immediately hooked, I stuck with this law drama long enough to become invested. 

Late September/early October is my favorite time of year television-wise because I love checking out all of the news network series. I've watched the pilot episodes of The Irrational and Found, and while I'm intrigued, I can't report back just yet...next month!

Listening To

I really liked (season one and season two of) the podcast Betrayal. Both seasons were long enough to tell each story fully, but not so long that it felt like they dragged on unnecessarily. I can't find any information about a third season, but if it were to happen, I'd eagerly cue it up on my podcast ap!


If you came of age in the 1990s, you'll enjoy following #90scon. All our television and movie favorites in one place? Sign me up!

Instagram suggested I watch a reel by Mychal (@mychal3ts) on Instagram. He looked intriguing, so I pressed play...and he surprised me completely. If you enjoy/content about books, reading, libraries, cats, diversity, inclusion, compassion, kindness, and/or people who are passionate about what they do (I know that's kind of a strange list), check him out. I guarantee he'll lift your spirits.

"Having fun isn't hard, when you've got a library card."


Even though I don't want to and I don't think they're particularly flattering, I'm forcing myself to try styles of jeans that aren't skinny. I recently purchased four pairs from Old Navy*, and while I'm not convinced, Hallie tells me most of them look good...and by good, she means cooler than my skinny jeans. 

  • Hallie really liked these, so I wore them to a meeting right after I tried them on for her. I felt like I was wearing a potato sack because there was so much material on my body, but she said I should keep them...
  • The verdict is still out on these. Hallie thought they were cute, but I can't find a pair of shoes that looks right with them so they might have to go back. (Shoe suggestions?)
  • Hallie likes these, and while the pair I bought has a couple of knee rips which I don't love, they were only $8 off of the clearance rack so I had to bring them home.
  • Hallie says these look too close to skinny jeans...which is probably why I like them so much and will probably keep them.

* I have to try new styles at a lower price point first. If I find that I can in fact wear one of these new styles, then I can shop for a higher quality pair.


Will has shared his love of disc golf with his soccer friends, and when they're over at the house they like to move our full-size disc golf basket around our yard and the empty lot across the street from us (it's landscaped kind of like a tiny park) to create a makeshift course. The problem is, they also like to play disc golf IN the house. The full-size version of the game is of course not an option, and while Will had a teeny, tiny (like six inches tall) version, it wasn't a great option either. The solution? This 30-inch basket and accompanying discs. I foresee lots of house disc golf happening in the coming months!

I also bought Will this bed-side shelf for his room. I was surprised at how solid, sturdy, and functional this shelf turned out to be - this would be a great option for a bunk bed, a bed that doesn't have room for a side table, etc.

I recently tried two Naturium face products: the Vitamin C Complex Serum and the Dew Glow Moisturizer with SPF 50. So far I'm pleased with both - they feel light and bright, come at a great price point, and are decently recommended (for the price point) by the dermatologist I follow.


We tried quite a few share-worthy recipes this month!

  • Slow Cooker Honey Lime Chicken Tacos These were delicious, though when I make them again I'll use slightly less honey - both kids thought they were a little too sweet.
  • Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad This was a great weeknight dinner - relatively quick and easy, and it "sat out" well so everyone could eat when they were free. (Because we're never all free for dinner at the same time.) I didn't have plain Greek yogurt on hand, so I used a packet of ranch seasoning and mayonnaise to make my own dressing. 
  • One Pot Cajun Chicken Pasta This recipe went over well with all four Ferri! I used half-and-half rather than heavy cream to lighten it up just a bit, and I used pre-cooked Cajun chicken from Costco to save myself a little time.
  • Sheet Pan Pumpkin Bars Bring me all the fall (think pumpkin and apple) baked goods recipes! I followed the framework of this recipe but changed quite a bit...I baked the bars in a 9x13 pan, used off-brand pumpkin (they're really pushing the "Libby's pumpkin" here, but it isn't necessary), cut the sugar to a little less than 1 cup, and made my own cream cheese frosting.

Feeling Good About - Teens Edition


Enjoy October, friends!

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