Tuesday, October 17, 2023

I'll Be Watching You

Remember when our kids were little and offered us absolutely ZERO privacy? 

I don't think I used the restroom by myself for at least seven years straight, and when it finally happened, it was only during school hours because both kids were out of the house for slightly longer stretches of time. 

There was a period during which, if itty bitty Hallie needed/wanted/intended to talk to me, she would just take off her clothes and climb into the shower with me. 

And I can remember at least one time when seven-year-old Will came bounding into the bathroom - to ask me if he could have a snack - while I was showering...and brought his friend with him. 

Of course our kids eventually grow up, and around the time they start wanting their own privacy, they start giving us a bit of ours back. And it's at this point that we get pets...who offer us absolutely ZERO privacy.

Popeye LOVES watching us shower. (He also adores watching the shower - specifically the water on the shower door - after we get out.)

And Plié seems to find something akin to satisfaction watching me use the restroom. 

Does it look like she's judging me? It feels like she's judging me.

Too bad these two aren't heading off to school anytime soon...

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