Friday, October 6, 2023

High Five for Friday (10.6.23)



Thanks to everyone who helped Will celebrate his birthday! He had a heavy load at school that day - as well as soccer practice that evening - but we decorated his room first thing in the morning (Tom, Hallie, and I now have to put out Will's bedroom balloons when we wake up, since he stays up later than everyone else), had a fun breakfast (coffee and our traditional powdered sugar donuts), and enjoyed take-out from his current favorite restaurant, butter crumble apple pie, five kinds of sorbet, and presents after he finally got home at 9:40pm. 


These sweet friends had a great time at their first (of the year but also ever) Homecoming dance. Actually, let me rephrase that: they had an OK time at their first Homecoming dance, but they had a great time getting ready for, taking pictures for, eating dinner at Whataburger before, and having a sleepover after their first Homecoming dance. (Pictures are not in chronological order - I just couldn't manage that this week.)


Hallie and I had intended to stop by a local fall festival last Sunday, but because it was 102 degrees outside - which didn't feel very "fall-y" - we decided to buy pumpkin drinks from Starbucks and decorate the house for Halloween instead. 


This week included a three-day "intersessional break" from dance and a four-day break/weekend from school, both of which were appreciated and needed more than I realized. We still kept busy (the two breaks only overlapped on one day, so we still had activities when we didn't have school and school when we didn't have activities), but our load felt much lighter.


Happiness Highlights

My sweet boy...won't nap on or anywhere near us when
we're sitting or lying down ourselves, but as soon as we
stand up, he's all snuggles and ready for a shoulder nap.
Seriously though, does anyone have some kind of baby
wrap that will hold him in this exact position?

For 24 hours I drove around - and picked up Hallie from
school - with this guy in my backseat. He's on to bigger and
better things now...soon you might see him on stage! 😉 

Did you know there's a screensaver that's just cute kittens doing
cute things?! (Popeye's not a fan, but the rest of us enjoy it...) 

The pumpkin patch is open - fake fall must be right around the corner!

Happy weekend, friends!

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