Friday, August 26, 2022

High Five for Friday (8.26.22)


They're so old and big. I wish I could stop the hands of time.

Will HATES taking first day of school pictures. I had to bribe him to participate in this photo session, and to allow me to share one agreed upon image from the morning. Hallie, on the other hand, is still happy to have her photo taken. 

She's also wearing my shoes, so I guess we've reached that stage of life...


My camping cousin got married last Saturday, and while I wished I could have been there, I so thoroughly enjoyed the many photos my mom and sister sent to keep me connected throughout the day. Congratulations, Adam and Angie!

My dad is temporarily using a cane because he had his hip replaced
two weeks ago. He's ROCKING his recovery and will be back on the
soccer field, the disc golf course, and water skis in no time!

My sister and BIL ALWAYS look cute and coordinated
at weddings. Meanwhile, I think both Tom and I have
forgotten how to truly dress up...

Sad to have missed the fun, but happy so many from the
camping family were there to celebrate Adam and Angie.  


Nutcracker auditions were held last Saturday, and the cast list came out on Monday. For the first time ever, Hallie received two roles, both of which she was pleased with. (She'll be in the Party Scene and the Spanish Corps.) We're thrilled for this Nutcracker season to get underway, and we hope to see you at one (or more!) of our three shows the first weekend in December!


When I mentioned in Tuesday's post that Tom is PliƩ's favorite, I wasn't joking. And since I wrote that post, she's become even more enamored with him. She only snuggles and sleeps with him, and she constantly grooms him (which is generally considered one of the ways cats show affection). She stays nearby when he works from home, whether he's in the playroom or on the back porch, and she cries at the screen door when he putters around the backyard and won't let her out with him. It's adorable and sweet.

I keep forgetting to take pictures of the grooming, but here they are napping and attending a conference call together.

And because I just can't quite get over it yet, here's a friendly reminder that I was the one who kept her alive through MANY struggles during her first three months of life...and Tom gave her one gentle butt bath.


We've started letting Will drive Hallie (with one of us in the car, of course). This picture felt almost as surreal to me as the one of Will driving for the first time. He did a great job behind the wheel, and she was a model passenger!

Happy Friday, friends!

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