Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Things I'm Not Ready For

Throughout the last week I have been reminiscing about the two little babes we moved to Texas - Will had just turned four, and Hallie was almost two - and having a difficult time wrapping my head around both how long they've been Texans and how much growing they've done in that seemingly short period of time. 

This picture became their Valentine's 
Day postcard our first year in Texas.

The reason for the reminiscing? Throughout the last week I've also had multiple opportunities to feel *not quite ready* for - even a little blindsided by - the activities and experiences my kids are taking on. I know there's much more of this coming, but to have all of this unfold in a week was kind of a lot for my already-unstable mama heart to take.

~ Will signed up to take the PSAT.

~ Will bought (or we bought for him, for his upcoming 15th birthday) a real suit.

~ Will - and myself, as his instructor - registered for driver's ed.

~ Will started working again (his job is somewhat seasonal). Other than me driving him to/from (though not for long), he manages every aspect of work himself.

~ Will competes in his first debate tournament this weekend.

~ Hallie lost her last tooth.

~ Hallie has plans to fly across the country on her own for the first time.

I have to remind myself that there are positive aspects - and safety nets built in - to everything on this list. But each is big or scary or significant in its own way, and each is a reminder that 1) they're getting so big, old, mature, blah blah blah, and 2) I'm not ready for any of it.

Also, any tips on staying sane while teaching a kiddo to drive? Not asking for a friend...

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