Friday, September 17, 2021

High Five for Friday (9.17.21)



Will had a blast at Cavalry (his soccer club) Night at Ellis Field, which is the home of the Aggie Women's Soccer team/program. I unfortunately couldn't attend the Aggie game with him, so he and I made a rough plan for pick up and then I dropped him off - with a ticket and $20 - at the gate. I knew he'd quickly find his friends/teammates and he had his phone with him, but I was still nervous, as this was the the first time I'd ever left him "alone" at an non-school/community event, birthday party, or playdate. We I got a bit nervous when the time came for me to pick him up and his phone went straight to voicemail (his garbage battery died - a new phone with a functional battery to give his mom more peace of mind is on its way), but then he showed up exactly where he was supposed to meet me and all was once again right with the world. He's growing up...and making me exceptionally proud in more ways than one.

Will and his teammates are behind the goal in red.
Look at me, adding an arrow to a picture. 😁


Nutcracker rehearsals are well underway! Hallie is a party girl, and because party girls receive and then dance with dolls (during the show), this week they brought to rehearsal their own stuffed animals to practice dancing with. Hallie chose Winnie the Pooh, and got him fully dressed in an American Girl Doll leotard and ballet shoes and then put a bow in his hair. I love when she shows me glimpses of the little girl she once was...



My sister found this on her phone. It made my day.

Lily is 10, almost 11. She has absolutely no personality at all. 😉 


While we're on Lily... These are my two favorite pictures of her from her fall dance photo shoot. She is strong and confident and gorgeous, and an amazing dancer as well.


I forgot to mention this last week, but it still applies this week... It's football season! I'm not in any way excited or happy about large, mostly unmasked, and largely unvaccinated crowds gathering in close proximity to scream and yell (and therefore spit on each other), but I am excited and happy to see both college and NFL football teams take the field again. (My Hawkeyes are off to a great start. My Packers...not so much. Get it together, A-a-ron.)


I participated in the Texas CARES study and was pleased to learn that while I have no natural antibodies (not surprising, given that 1) I haven't been diagnosed with COVID and 2) studies have shown that natural antibodies wane rapidly), my vaccine-related antibodies are in excellent shape. 

* Worth sharing for anyone who is on the fence about getting a vaccine because they feel confident their natural immunity from a prior infection will protect them from future infections... A friend of mine had COVID late last November/early December. She and I were vaccinated on the exact same day(s) and had our blood drawn for the Texas CARES antibody study on the exact same day, and despite the fact that she had COVID and I have not, she and I had the same amount of natural antibodies: None. Zero. Zilch. Get vaccinated, friends.


Happy weekend, friends!

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