Friday, September 3, 2021

High Five for Friday (9.3.21)


Midway through last week, Starbucks released it's pumpkin flavoring from the vault (or wherever they store this magnificent treat) and those of us who have been waiting anxiously since the pumpkin flavoring went into the vault last December could finally have our first taste of fall.

Yes, fall the season is still weeks away. Yes, fall the weather is still months away. But if I turn the air conditioning up, put on a pair of cozy pajamas, and savor my pumpkin cream cold brew, I can almost convince myself that fall - my favorite season - has already arrived. 


After having GI bugs in both February and July, and experiencing some symptoms in between those two bouts, I saw a gastroenterologist who ordered both blood work and a CT scan. I finally had the CT scan done (thanks to COVID it took almost a month for me to get in), and it came back normal. The phrase "grossly unremarkable" was used in the notes multiple times...perhaps the first time I've ever been happy to have been called gross!


Last Thursday I attended my first high school PTO meeting. After many (probably seven) years of feeling completely comfortable at PTO meetings, even when I was transitioning from one school to the next, it was strange to feel so awkward and out of place. Despite that, I'm excited to learn more about the school, get involved where they need me, and help make it a great year for Will and his fellow students! 

Yesterday I attended my first - of the year - PTO meeting at Hallie's middle school. It was refreshing after the week prior's meeting to see familiar faces and feel like I knew what the heck was going on...


Kitten Update

These two are such wonderful kitties - in very different but wonderful ways - and they'll make amazing additions, either separately or together (it took a few weeks, but they're finally friends), to lucky families or one even luckier family!

And an adorable Aretha series:

UPDATE: ARETHA HAS BEEN ADOPTED!!! Now we just need a home for sweet Curly Q... 


Happiness Highlights

Fall cups have arrived!

This girl has been giving me a run for my money lately. But
then she leaves me a note like this and all is forgotten/forgiven.

Magnolias are one of my favorite flowers.

We grew a cantaloupe! Accidentally of
course, but we grew it none-the-less!

Last but not least, today our sweet niece/cousin
River turns two! Happy birthday, baby girl!

Happy weekend, friends!

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