Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Throwback Thursday...On Tuesday

Over the course of the last couple of months I've come across/gained access to a number of older photos. Some go back just a few years, some go back 30-35 years, and one goes back 65 or so years. Summer, especially when we're traveling*, can be tough for creating new content, so July is the perfect time for Throwback Thursday (on Tuesday, because I like to maintain my posting schedule) posts. Enjoy!

Somehow I never posted (or at least I don't think I ever posted nor can I find) these dance buddy pics, taken by the talented Casey Duke. These three seem so much older now, even though only two short years have passed...

I'm so grateful for the gift of watching my children - and their friends - grow older, and the gift of growing older myself. But I would give anything to go back...if even just for a moment or two.

Next up, a few oldies but goodies from Tom's childhood. He's the oldest of the four kiddos in his family, so that should help you find him in the line ups.

I feel like I've known Tom's family for forever - I met his siblings when they were 16yo, 14yo, and 12yo - but obviously I didn't know them when they were itty bitty so it's fun to see new pictures of them as babies and young children.

Last but not least, a pic of my mom and her younger sister as little girls. There were - are - so few pictures of my mom during her childhood years that each new one we come across feels like a gift. 

Happy Tuesday, friends. I hope today treats you like the Thursday we all wish it was!

By the time you read this, Tom's travels will have come to an end and he'll be home again, holding down the fort. Just an FYI... 😉

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