Friday, July 23, 2021

High Five for Friday (7.23.21)


If all goes according to plan, the kids and I - along with my mom, who graciously offered to make the cross-country trek with me - will arrive home in College Station tonight after another two-day marathon drive. I'm hoping for only short stints in the car for the next month or so!


Our last week in Madison included many of our favorite activities: visiting the Henry Vilas Zoo, Vilas beach, and the farmers' market; playing miniature golf at the Vitense and LOTS of disc golf (I think the boys played all but one of our 12 days here); eating at Rocky Rococo's Pizza, Culver's, Chocolate Shoppe, and Greenbush Bakery; and a little shopping at some of my favorite stores we don't have in College Station...including Athleta, Orange Tree, and the "upstairs Target", which is my kids' favorite for browsing. 😂


Our last week in Madison also included a few new activities: the UW Geology Museum, kayaking on both Lake Monona and Lake Wingra, and the 19th hole at the Olbrich Beer Garden. We rounded out the fun with bike shopping for Hallie, a couple of pretty epic family game nights, and a hysterical "blindfolded" soda taste test/challenge.


We lucked out and happened to be in town during the County Fair, and we had a great (much better than expected) afternoon riding the rides, meeting some of the animals, and watching a fun performance by escape artist Lady Houdini. We've taken the kids to the fair before (though this activity isn't an every-year guarantee), but this was the most enjoyable time we've had - the weather was lovely, there were NO lines for rides, and Hallie was finally brave enough to go on ALL of the "scary" rides with Will.


Speaking of, and last but not least, the WEATHER. This was the overall nicest July we've experienced weather-wise in years. As I type this post, I'm relaxing with a cup of coffee on my parents back porch after coming back from a long walk with my mom. It's 75 degrees and there's a light breeze, and the backyard looks like a Disney movie: there are flowers blooming and vegetables ripening all around me, the tire swing hangs quietly, waiting for the kids to wake up and take it for a spin, and I can see a mama rabbit and two babies bunnies frolicking in the grass as well as a cardinal, a sparrow, and a hummingbird flitting between the bird feeder and the trees. I'm just not ready to go back to 90+ degree temperatures and 100% humidity...

Happy Friday, friends!

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