Friday, January 29, 2021

High Five for Friday (1.29.21)

Before we get into this week's High Fives, my thoughts on 2021...

I had high - soaring, even - hopes after last Wednesday, y'all. But then things took a turn, and then things started to go downhill, and then things - after picking up far too much speed - crashed into a giant heap at the bottom of this slippery slope. Mamas of kids old enough to have dealt with heartbreak know that when those kiddos' hearts are breaking, your hearts are breaking too...Hallie receiving two of the harshest blows she's felt in a long time (all within the span of 48 hours), was tough on me and even tougher on her. The phrase "why don't you just twist the knife a little" seemed very apropos. 

Sometimes I wonder, as I know many mamas do, when will it be too much? Where is - or what will be - her breaking point? I hope and pray her resilience is strong enough to carry her through.   

And so now we're moving on, because we need to search for and acknowledge our high fives even more during weeks like this!

Dance moms get a bad rap. And while I know a few who deserve that reputation, most in my life are the kind of people - the kind of friends - we all deserve to have. The kind who will step up and step in whenever another mom or daughter is in need...the kind who truly wish happiness and success for every dancer, not just their own. The silver lining to the above-mentioned heartbreaks is seeing and experiencing the genuine love these dance moms feel for one another and each others' girls. It's awesome, in the truest sense of the word. 

I'm SO grateful our glorious snowfall happened when it did and not two weeks later. I can't imagine the devastation Hallie would have felt if her broken foot bone and accompanying boot would have kept her from being able to play in this winter wonderland.

Our weekend was a live action version of the agony and the ecstasy. While Hallie's world was crumbling, Will and his Cavalry teammates were CRUSHING it on the soccer field. After a tough 1-2 loss in their first game, Cavalry fought their way to strong wins in both their second and third games and managed to secure a spot in the tournament final. And in that final, as luck would have it, they faced the team to which they had lost the previous day...and walked away with a 5-0 redemption victory.

This picture makes it look like they don't like their parents or
each other, but this was a compromised social distancing pose.

So wet, so dirty, so smelly, so happy.

The Bernie photos, y'all. They have been bringing and continue to bring me so much joy. 

Club Pilates 

Lambeau Leap

My Front Yard

Happiness Highlights
She'll gladly go to Will's soccer games if it means
she gets to wear her Minnie Mouse rain poncho. (When
the torrential rains started she was less enthused.)

Hallie was pretty proud to document that I'm still flexible
enough to put my shins on the ground over my head. 

Will, Tux, and I are always up at 6:30am for basketball
practice. Two of us take naps to catch up on sleep.

Sports on television - specifically the US women's national
soccer team - make me happier now than they ever did before.

Our Hawkeye banner made it on the wall!

This is so my sister and her husband. 😂

Happy Friday, friends!

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