Friday, January 22, 2021

High Five for Friday (1.22.21)


I had planned to write about Wednesday's events, but then I stumbled upon this, written by my sister's good friend, Elizabeth Carr Whitmore:

Groundbreaking for women and people of color, redemptive for our environment, precedent setting for the awesome diversity of the group of people who will form the full executive branch, solemn in remembrance of those 400,000 we have lost, heavy in the awareness of how far we have fallen and how much needs to be rebuilt, but hopeful - finally hopeful once again.

Liz graciously allowed me to share her words here, and because she perfectly summarized the thoughts that had been swirling around in my head, I'm going to leave it at that. 

Liz is an incredibly talented artist - check her out here!

Will's middle school orchestra took their annual individual and group photos last Friday. For the session, rather than ask them to dress up in their formalwear, the director let them wear jeans and bought them all this shirt:

I'm stealing it from Will as soon as this orchestra season is over.

Like so many teachers, Will's orchestra director has worked tremendously hard to make this year a good one for all of her students. Will loves working with her from a musical standpoint, but he also really enjoys her as a person - they share a love of cats and she also fosters kittens, so they frequently spend a few minutes as class is wrapping up and after the bell rings (Will isn't in a rush to get to his next class since he's a virtual learner) chatting about and sharing pictures of the babies each currently has at home. I'm grateful for her, and wish Will wasn't less than a semester away from moving on to a new school and orchestra director...

Happy (extra special) birthday, Mandi!

After a false start on the 10th (thanks to the snowstorm that hit Texas that afternoon), Confirmation officially began for Hallie last Sunday evening. She's incredibly excited for this process, especially because we decided to let her attend in person (thanks to an updated mask policy and a commitment to social distancing), and had a great first experience with her group. We're looking forward to a semester of spiritual growth for Hallie, and us, by extension, as well as a opportunity for her to connect even more deeply with her AJ, who graciously agreed to serve as her mentor.

Happiness Highlights
They have an understanding. If Will lets Tux lick the lid
of the empty Chicken Salad Chick container, Tux lets Will
balance his cutting board and apple slices on his back.
Tux and I do NOT have the same understanding.
He was mad at me because I wouldn't turn on the
fireplace, so he laid on my hands and glared at me.

Every morning at 6:35am. "Don't
leave me, Will. What if I go with you?"

Hallie's 3rd grade teacher decided to cover one of her classroom
walls with college and university pennants to inspire her students.
I decided our Hawkeyes should be represented on her wall. 

How it started... it's going. 😍

Happy weekend, friends!

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