Friday, January 15, 2021

High Five for Friday (1.15.21)

Catching up on a couple of weeks' worth of High Fives today. And for those of you wondering where my snow day pics are - they're coming! They absolutely, positively deserve their own post.

Like just about everything else last year (how freeing it is to write "last year" when referencing 2020), our NYE celebration looked different than past NYE celebrations. We spent most of the day and all of the evening at home, and while we missed the friends with whom we usually gather, we enjoyed our mini party. We wore cozy clothes, ate lots of delicious snacks and treats (I tried multiple new recipes), watched a movie, played video games, watched the ball drop, toasted with sparkling apple cider, and ended the evening with our own balloon and confetti explosion. Like Christmas, the experience was simple and beautiful and memorable. 

Will returned to middle school basketball practice last Monday morning, and last Tuesday morning we officially cracked open the Chromebooks to start our second semester of virtually learning. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we're doing this again, and it's nearly incomprehensible that in two months we will have completed a full year of online learning. 

The losses - of lives, livelihoods, security, relationships, celebrations, experiences - tallied throughout these last 10 months are heartbreaking. I frequently get caught up in the despair of it all, so I just as frequently try to come up with silver of which is that well-organized and well-taught virtual classes were and continue to be available to us. I know not every family in our country is as lucky. 

I've cycled through A LOT of different kinds of and timings for resolutions over the years, but about a year and a half ago I ditched them all. It felt great then, and it still feels great now. 

That said, I am setting a couple of broad and conceptual goals for myself - as well as one specific, measurable, and necessary resolution - this year:  

Goal #1: Spend - time and money - thoughtfully.
Goal #2: Consume - sustenance and media - thoughtfully.
Goal #3: Sweat the small stuff less.

Resolution One and Only: DON'T READ THE COMMENTS.

I'll let you know come spring how these are going...

New Year's Day dawned - and remained throughout - cold and dreary. But by midway through the day, the kids and I needed to get out of the house, so we headed to a brand-new "playground for all" at a local park.  We walked for a little while first, just to get our blood pumping, and then the kids tried out each and every structure and activity. Will and Hallie aren't all that little anymore - he's 14 and she turns 12 in about three months. But drop them at a playground, and the "little" that remains will shine through gloriously. 

Flashback Friday Photos
When I swapped out my old phone for my new one, I came across an assortment of old photos that brought a smile to my face and are definitely worth sharing.  

Chicago Blues Fest circa 2005 (?)
A couple of hours and a torrential rain storm later,
I had to throw away my socks in a bar bathroom.

Will's been a cat whisperer since the beginning.

Baby's first tuxedo.

Baby's first Easter.

The beginning of his curls...

Will used to have to assess me when I arrived home from work.
It was if he was making sure I was actually who I claimed to be.

Riding the merry-go-round at the zoo.

Will's first friends. They remind me of kittens.


Those onesies say "Michigan Tailgating" on them. I think
Will tailgated a little too early and a little too hard that day.

First kiss.

Still a cat whisperer.

Throwing snowballs at Mom.

Sweet kisses.

A really important and intense
conversation with Grandpa Paul.

This was only formation to which Will would agree. As the
only grandchild at the time, everyone bowed to his desires.

Wedding fun.

Will and our friend, Neal, at a downtown Ann Arbor
event in the summer of 2008. This photo reminds me of
how important our grad student "village" was while Tom
was working on his Master's and PhD - Will had lots of
"big brothers and sisters" who helped us take care of him!

My favorite pic of Will with Aunt Sara and Uncle Jeff.

And my favorite picture of Will and Uncle Jeff.
Jeff is 6' 3" and that was a VERY small train tent.

Easter Sunday 2009, and the day Hallie came home
from the hospital. Proof she was born with dark hair!

I took this picture to document how little she was, but it ended
up being the first in a series of her "telling" us about her problems. 

She did NOT like his choice of song.

It's blurry, and a finger-sucking Will is
photo bombing, but I love her little face here.

Thanks, Facebook.

Me and my grandpa Russ - we were "disguised" as each other.

Happy weekend, friends!

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