Friday, September 4, 2020

High Five for Friday (9.4.20)

Last Friday we said a tearful goodbye to Lilo but welcomed Mahalo and Lilo's brother, Scrump, into our home! We absolutely, positively can't get behind his name - we've taken to calling him Scrumpy, which is maybe a little bit cuter and more appropriate for a kitten? - but he's a sweet buddy. It's really fun to watch the kittens start off nervous in this new place, but eventually come out of their shells and into their real personalities once they feel comfortable. We have both Mahalo and Scrumpy until September 17th, and then they're off to the vet to be neutered and then on to their forever homes!

Right before Lilo got picked up (at 7:30am - I
was sweaty and Hallie wasn't quite awake yet).


On a related note, these kittens, while certainly adding to my/our workload, really have lifted the kids' spirits on harder, darker days. I can recall multiple times when one or more of our furry friends have served as emotional support for Will, Hallie, and/or even Tom, and I'm so grateful. 

Coexisting! But not really. Tux didn't know Mahalo was
there, staring intensely at him. They are NOT friends.

Sometimes you have to nap during the day. (Like when
you get up at 6:15am for cross country practice and don't get
home from soccer practice until 9:45pm. Or if you're a kitten.)

Every fall, Will's soccer team plays in a "warm up" tournament prior to the start of their regular season. They choose different tournaments every year, but regardless of the tournament, for the last three years they've ended their warm up weekend just shy of an overall victory. (They would win their bracket, move on to the final, and then come up short in that game.)

But this year, they finally pulled it out. They won in spectacular fashion - one of Will's teammates scored off of a Bend it Like Beckham corner kick with less than a minute left in the game - and were thrilled to come home with medals around their necks. 

This is my sister. And my brother-in-law. 😂
(I didn't ask her if I could share this picture so I hope she's
not mad at me for doing so. Receiving it was such a highlight of
my week though, so it had to find a place in the high five post.)

Happiness Highlights 
Hallie made me this adorable glitter bookmark. If
you need art projects for your kiddos during this time of
virtual schooling, we are still loving Annie's Creative Club!

Hoping for a full porch update next week or the week after that!

It's the little things... 😂

I LOVE her summer hair.

I mean, come ON. They're so cute and little.

Playing disc golf in a torrential rain storm is
the best. Seriously though, we all love the rain. 

My boy doesn't care much about clothes or accessories or hair...but he cares
A LOT about shoes. (And has since he was itty bitty - he always wanted to buy
the "fastest" shoes in the store.) Crossing our fingers this pair is super fast
on this season's cross country courses!

 Happy weekend, friends!

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