Friday, September 18, 2020

High Five for Friday (9.18.20)


Last Thursday I woke up to discover an outside temperature of 63 degrees. SIXTY THREE DEGREES. Y'all, the nighttime low temperatures haven't dipped below 75 in weeks (months?), and when I walked outside at 6:30am and didn't immediately break into a sweat, I nearly cried. I also nearly went back into my house for a jacket, but because I'm a tough Wisconsinite I decided against it...and I'm glad I did, because I was quickly reminded that when exercising, 63 degrees isn't actually all that cool. But I was sweating within five minutes instead of five seconds, which is a win in my book.

That day could best be described as fake fall, in that it made us believe fall had arrived (it hadn't - summer returned a short 30 hours later), but OH, was it heavenly while it lasted.

Most of my collegiate teams opted not to play football this season and the Aggies don't kick off their season until September 26th, so while none of the games on television this weekend included teams I root for, THERE WERE FOOTBALL GAMES ON TELEVISION THIS WEEKEND! 

Prior to moving to Texas, I lived almost exclusively in Big 10 college towns - Madison, Wisconsin; Iowa City, Iowa; and Ann Arbor, Michigan - so "my" teams are the Wisconsin Badgers and the Iowa Hawkeyes. I also root for the Michigan Wolverines and the Nebraska Cornhuskers, and I root against the Ohio State Buckeyes nearly as hard. Since the Big 10 essentially shut down their football programs for the fall, I have no one except the Aggies to root for or against.

Tom and I watched portions of a few games, while he ate his usual "super Saturday sandwich", and it felt delightfully "normal".

We've been in school for weeks here in Texas, but my sister, niece, and nephews are just getting into the swing of things after starting last week. Aren't they cute?!

You want to see pictures of kittens, right? 

Last week Scrump helped Hallie make her scientist poster...

...and present it, via video, to her teacher.

Playing some tunes during Tom's class.

This is my desk chair. It was a gift from my parents, it's
really nice, and I love it. I won't let Tux sleep here, but M
and S two have decided it's their favorite places to nap and
I can't seem to make them move. (It's also their favorite piece
of furniture to climb, so if they were staying with us forever
I'd have to police the chair a little more strictly.) 

Another day, another nap.

Happiness Highlights
No caption needed.


Only in Wisconsin.

True story!

Happy weekend, friends!

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