Friday, August 21, 2020

High Five for Friday (8.21.20)

High Five for Friday: Back to School Edition
For all those who have already returned to school, whether virtually or in-person, I hope your transition went smoothly. For all those who head back in the coming weeks, best of luck!

We survived weeks of spring break, we survived weeks of summer break, and as of today, we survived one week of (virtual) school. There were technical difficulties. There were unanswered questions. There were heightened emotions, from confusion and uncertainty to frustration and anxiety. And yes, there were tears. But we learned a lot, and have high hopes for the five weeks virtual window and semester ahead of us.

Last swim/day of summer.

Last jump of summer.

Cleaned and ready to go for the first day of school!

This one was a battle...
They get bigger and bigger, but they stay cute.

Since the year of first grade for the bigs and pre-k for the littles, we have taken first day of school pics with Kaylee and Kara. We couldn't let virtual school derail us, so mid-way through our first day, Will, Hallie, and I drove over to Kaylee and Kara's house and kept the tradition alive. 

Dance "school" (er, classes, but Hallie spends enough time at the studio for it to qualify as school) also started this week! Hallie loved all of her own classes (her regular schedule includes two ballet, one tap, one jazz, one contemporary, one hip hop, and one company class), and was thrilled to be back in the classroom as an assistant.

Happiness Highlights
Deer! Just right there, in the front lawn, almost
every afternoon/evening. It's fun at Jenn's house...

It's not much, but we appreciated the Flourish kit
TAMU sent to Tom ahead of the fall semester.

Will rode his bike in our friend Lexi's birthday drive-by -
he decided doing so made birthday drive-bys even more fun.

About once a semester Will plays a soccer game locally,
and almost every time our friends come to watch. They rock.

The game, however, was played on literally the hottest day of the year
(104 degrees). These three made it about 10 minutes into the first half
before they went to the car, where they played and enjoyed the air
conditioning for the remainder of the game.

This is Hallie's friend Abby, who with her siblings raised the money 
to buy an AED for our dance studio. We're so proud of you, Abby!

Happy weekend, friends!

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