Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Tuesdays with Tux: Quarantine Edition, Episode 4

While I can't say that Tux has enjoyed quarantine, he has brought a great deal of joy to Will and Hallie during this lengthy period of time at home. 

Both kids have loved caring for and doting on him, perhaps overly so, which is why we - 😬 - applied to foster kittens this fall. Will and Hallie will start the school year virtually (we plan to take it one six-week grading period at a time), and while I know their days will be busy with school work, I expect that snuggling itty bitty fur balls during their academic breaks would be wonderful for their mental health. 

I worked for the American Red Cross during Hurricane Katrina, and one of the greatest gifts we received as employees during that unbelievably exhausting time was regular visits from a local nonprofit organization's emotional support dogs. I think fostering kittens serve a similar purpose, for all of us. 

Until we (maybe) have new kittens to share pictures of and write posts about, here are the many photos of Tux I've recently found on my phone, courtesy of the two kiddos who can't leave him alone.

Note: Will and Hallie don't know that we might foster kittens yet, so if you read this and then talk to them, please don't spoil the surprise!

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