Friday, August 14, 2020

High Five for Friday (8.14.20)

Will suffered a couple of nasty injuries last week: on Monday his bike pedal caught the fleshy part of his calf and gouged out a pretty significant chunk of skin, and on Wednesday he took a few layers of skin off of the end of his big toe when his foot slipped off his bike pedal and scraped along the concrete. (Not sure what it was about his bike last week...) Both situations involved quite a bit of blood, a fair amount of pain, and lots of cleaning, antibacterial care, and bandaging. The toe in particular kept him from playing full out during his first week back at soccer practice - he couldn't get his foot into his cleat, let alone keep the cleat on, so he only participated in the drills he could do barefoot - which was upsetting, but this week both injuries are healing nicely and he's back to wearing normal shoes. 

Need some coban? I'm your girl!

No graphic pics, because not everyone likes looking at wounds as much as I do. 

Injuries aside, and even with all of the safety protocols and changes this year, I felt comforted to return to the soccer fields as a new season gets underway. 

These three love to match. As a friend of mine describes it, matching is their love language. Here they are in their third set of matching/coordinating swimsuits. (For 2020. I've lost track of how many matching swimsuits and outfits they've worn over the years.) 

When I came across a swimsuit with pineapples on it in Will's size, I knew I had to buy it so he and Cullen could match...well, coordinate. Cullen is the youngest and doesn't have a friend his age in our quarantine bubble, so he gravitates toward Will, who is the only other boy. 

Will and Kaylee take good care of Cullen, and keep him from driving his older sisters crazy, and in turn, Cullen keeps an eye on Will and Kaylee for us moms. It's a win-win.

Happiness Highlights
THRILLED with his new tic tac stash.

I despise selfies, but this was the only way to show you
my new tie dyed headband. I liked Hallie's so much that I
bought one for myself and one for my mom and sister.

This is amazing.

And this is heartwarming. 

11-year-olds still love boxes.

Rockin' her new Noonday scrunchies.

Last but not least...this made me smile.

Happy weekend, friends!

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