Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Tuesdays with Tux: Quarantine Edition, Episode 3

At some point during quarantine we came across a video of a cat and a dog making their way - effortlessly and gracefully - through a maze of tall, slender, precariously balanced pens, pencils, and markers.

Because the kids and I had on our hands 1) a cat, 2) plenty of writing utensils, and 3) nothing but time, we decided to see if Tux could maneuver through a similarly designed pen, pencil, and marker gauntlet.

Surprisingly (to us) Tux made it through our hallway challenge three times, only knocking down one marker...but we can blame that on the fact that on the third attempt he was fed up with us and was trying to escape both Will at the starting and Hallie at the finish line.

Life is pretty exciting these days...

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