Friday, June 12, 2020

High Five for Friday (6.12.20)

One of our favorite coffee shops and wine bars, Tipsy Bean, closed its doors for good this week. (Yes, they served coffee and wine, along with cheese and pastries. I couldn't have dreamed up a more perfect combination of treats.) While this development is certainly not worthy of a high five, one last hurrah - a Tipsy Bean charcuterie board - in celebration of the many good times we've had there over the last three years was a lovely way to say goodbye.

I haven't set foot in - or even ordered from - a Starbucks since March 11th. I miss my vanilla sweet cream cold brew something fierce. I also miss keeping tabs on the reusable cups Starbucks rolls out from time to time, especially recently, when I heard rumors about a new confetti cup.

Last week I arrived a few minutes early to pick up my groceries. I parked facing the Kroger Starbucks entrance, and kept an eye on the door to determine how busy it might be inside. When five minutes passed and no one exited with coffee in hand, I decided to risk it. I put on my mask and ventured just inside the door; when I saw that Starbucks didn't have even a single customer, I made my way to the counter...and there it was: the confetti cup. I asked the barista for three, and while she gathered the cups, tops, and straws, I added to my purchase a six pack of summer cups that I couldn't leave behind. I paid and exited as quickly as possible, experiencing an adrenaline rush - form both finding the cups and entering a store for the first time in three full months - not unlike those I feel when Will makes a penalty kick. The best part was gifting two of the confetti cups and four of the summer cups to friends, who were equally excited about this fabulous find.

It's the little things these days...

Thanks to the Corona Virus, the annual Daddy Daughter Dance Tom and Hallie always attend was cancelled. Her desire to get "gussied up" (#grandmahallie) in the dress she had planned to wear did not, however, get cancelled, so Tom, Will, and I (loosely) planned a surprise date night for Tom and Hallie. I convinced her to get dressed up, and then Tom rang the doorbell, flowers in hand (thanks, Jenn, for picking them up for me!), and took her out on the town. They picked up dinner at CFA, had a picnic at the TAMU Gardens, and then brought Dairy Queen blizzards home, where they watched The Simpsons Movie together.

On Saturday morning we celebrated Hallie's long-time dance teacher and company director - who is expecting her first babe in less than a month - with an outdoor baby shower. Shifts of moms and daughters (to keep the number of guests at any given time low and the environment safer for mom-to-be Christi) came rolling through for individually wrapped snacks, socially distanced games, presents, and to wrap up the morning, freeze dancing.

Happiness Highlights

After a little hiatus from drive-by celebrations, we were so excited that the end of last week brought three: one to say goodbye to a friend/family from dance (not exactly a celebration, but still a fun opportunity to get out, see some friends from afar, and wish other friends well on their upcoming adventure), one to wish a happy birthday to a dance friend of Hallie's, and one to wish a happy birthday to "our" Kaylee.

Cold brew from Dos Road Dogs Coffee is the best.

He still doesn't love his cat stroller,
but she hasn't given up and he's trying.

Hallie's Daddy Daughter Night flowers came
from a local flower farm called Basecamp Farms.
Their flowers and arrangements are gorgeous.

One of Will's friends made them shirts in honor of their
"Park Tribe" that came to be throughout the last year.

I may have teared up a little when Will brought his home.

Tom, living his best weekend life.

Hallie's favorite flower in our backyard. 

Happy weekend, friends!

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