Friday, June 26, 2020

High Five for Friday (6.26.20)

Shall we start here? 2020 is almost over, right?

Hallie's friend Tessa, who moved away last year, was in town for an afternoon late last week. I picked her up and we surprised Hallie with Dairy Queen and a socially distanced playdate at the park. They talk on the phone once a week, but getting together in person was a wonderful treat.

The snow cone truck came down our street and the surprise made our week. I was so excited that even though I'm not usually a big fan of snow cones, I had to get one for myself.

Another weekend, another weekend project! Last weekend I scrubbed, cleaned, dried, painted, and sealed the grout in my shower. Thankfully I was just repainting it the same color it had already been painted (the original grout when the bathroom was remodeled didn't cure to the intended color, so they had to paint it the correct color), so while the project too five or so hours, it was simpler than it could have been. I may tackle the floor in the kids' bathroom this weekend!



How did you celebrate Juneteenth? Will and I attended the Brazos Valley African American Museum's Juneteenth Curbside Celebration, where we skipped the museum (I'm not ready for museums yet) but spent a little time talking - through our masks - with volunteers and learning as much as we could about this important day. We brought home bookmarks and printouts outlining the history behind Juneteenth, and read through them with Hallie later in the day.

After learning that red foods - specifically strawberry soda, strawberry pie, red rice, watermelon, and red velvet cake - are popular on Juneteenth, I also made red velvet cupcakes to share with friends.

Psyched about his strawberry soda treat.

How did you celebrate?

Happiness Highlights
Father's Day photo collage for Tom.

Father's Day photo collage for my dad.

Trying out his new electric fryer. A gift for him...and a gift for me
as well, because now he doesn't have to fry things in my kitchen.

This creation - as well as printed and framed versions for the lab
and office - was Tom's other Father's Day gift. We all LOVED it.
(Wait for our Christmas card to see the photo they worked from.)

Tom picked up a small curbside order at Kroger
on Sunday afternoon (things he wanted to fry),
and they gave him this Father's Day goody bag!

There's a special on Disney+ about Reville!

One of our favorite juice bars - Juice It Up - just reopened after closing
more than a year ago, so Hallie and I rode our bikes there last weekend.

We were VERY prepared.

Hallie's hoping to come out of quarantine having perfected
her french braid. I'm always happy to let her practice on me. 

This kid has bionic eyes (no really, he does - ask his eye doctor) so
while he doesn't need glasses, he wanted a pair to block the blue
light while he's working on the computer. Handsome, isn't he?

Happy weekend, friends!

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