Friday, April 24, 2020

High Five for Friday (4.24.20)

Last Thursday was by far my worst day since quarantine began. In months, really. The Wednesday prior and the Friday after weren't much to write home about either, but on Thursday, when the popsicles fell out of the freezer*, the stress and anxiety that had been building throughout the last five weeks finally erupted and I cried on the floor of my closet. And in my office. And on the couch in the family room. And on a walk.

* I worked for the City of Iowa City as a camp counselor the summer after my junior year in college. My job required time at the recreation center as well as three different parks every day, and I traveled between these locations on my bike since I didn't yet have a car. One day my front tire got caught in pavement reflector that had skewed in a funny direction, and I flew over my bike's handlebars. I didn't break any bones, but I took the skin off one leg and one arm and dented my helmet. Multiple cars stopped and drivers offered to help me, but I adjusted my battered helmet, put on a brave face, and continued on my ride, knowing I still had two camps left to run before my day would be over. I held it together all day, even through telling my roommate about what had happened. It wasn't until I went into the kitchen, opened the freezer, and a box of popsicles fell out and onto the floor that I completely fell apart. Long story short, instead of the phrase "the straw that broke the camel's back", I like to use "the popsicles fell out of the freezer". Miss you, Beth...  

I'll share more details about Thursday's events next week, when - hopefully - the entire saga will have wrapped. But I brought up my bad day today because it reminded me that 1) even though our days in quarantine have been overwhelmingly positive, we are still grieving and that grief has been building up, and 2) these circumstances make it even more important to look for the good. 

I have amazing friends, the kind who when I'm having a terrible, horrible, nor good very bad day, send lots of love...and wine.

Our birthday brigades are the absolute best. We've done somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 so far, and while I can say from experience that they make the recipient - and her family - feel unbelievably loved, they also lift the spirits of every single person who participates. Bringing joy brings joy. 

Approximately 15-18 months ago, a tegu lizard belonging to a once-neighbor escaped. The owner couldn't find and/or catch the lizard before moving away, so he just left it behind to roam the neighborhood and scare the daylights out of the people whose paths it crossed. For those of you who are unfamiliar, tegu lizards look kind of like small alligators and are MEAN - they aren't poisonous, but they will attack, unprovoked. Many neighbors have called Animal Control when they've spotted the tegu, but Animal Control never arrived in time to catch the tegu before it moved on to another area of the neighborhood. 

But last weekend, a man who was cleaning out his parents' house (they recently passed away) discovered the tegu in their backyard. He called Animal Control, and when they wouldn't come out to help, he moved on to private companies...and on Saturday they finally caught the beast. Hallelujah!

Our dance studio and soccer club are both going the extra mile to keep our kids - "their" kids - connected, engaged, active, and improving. Hallie still "goes to" tap, jazz, contemporary, company, and two ballet classes and assists two kinder classes every week, and the studio offers extra rehearsals, workouts, story times, crafting classes, and weekly games and challenges. Will has five short soccer workouts to tackle each week, and his coaches are regularly rolling out physical and tactical challenges and projects to keep the boys working on their fitness and technique and thinking about the game. They meet weekly on Zoom, and this week the club held three different Zoom sessions with prestigious professional and college coaches.

Crazy Hair Week

Crafting with Ms. Christi
(This week they made a cat toy.)

One of the MANY trick/technique videos Will and I 
have filmed for soccer. This was take 85. Yes, 85.

Happiness Highlights
Found this gem on my phone a few days
ago. Love that these two have more time
to "chat" during the day now.

Be Happy

In the evenings, Will and I ice our aching bodies together.

Last Friday's art project!

I told Will that if school was officially cancelled
for the remainder of the school year, I would shave
his hair into a mohawk. He now has a mohawk. 

One last chilly morning = turning the fireplace on one
last time. See you in November or December, my friend.

I couldn't get the coloring right in this picture, but
Hallie and I really liked our Color Street Nails!

Hallie and I have oddly small heads, so my mom graciously
made us new masks that were smaller than the original masks
she made. We're ready, even though we never go anywhere! 

Happy weekend, friends!

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