Tuesday, April 21, 2020

From the Photo Booth Archives

I found this years-old video series in my Photo Booth archives a couple of weeks ago - on the eve of Hallie's 11th birthday, actually - while setting up my computer camera in preparation for a dance moms night "out" on Zoom. Not a lot is happening these days, y'all, so I have less "material" to work with when it comes to blog posts. So when I came across these treasures (which have absolutely nothing to do with anything) and they made me smile, I decided to share in hopes they can do the same for you.

In this video I also love:
  1. her itty bitty voice
  2. her white blond hair
  3. my dark brown hair
  4. her perfectionist tendencies
All of the videos are pretty short - I mess up A LOT as we attempt to film Hallie's favorite-at-the-time song, and little miss makes us start over each time I don't get the lyrics right.

Find something that makes you smile today, friends.

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