Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Monthly Medley: October 2019

I'm working on an article about the Science Mill in Johnson City - have any of my Texas friends visited this museum? I don't think I'll have time to visit before the article is due, so I'd love to chat with you about what you liked best in terms of their exhibits and educational exploration opportunities!

After reading three books in September (?!), I slowed down a little in October. I did, however, finish one book: The Weight of Water by Anita Shreve. I don't know exactly how this book ended up on my nightstand - I didn't check it out from the public library so it must have come from either my mom or our little free library. The book revolves around two loosely connected plots, taking place a century apart but in the same location. Both plot lines followed interesting female protagonists, were built upon intriguing premises, played out a little more slowly than I would have liked, and ended...

(small spoiler alert)

...somewhat unexpectedly, suddenly, and tragically. This novel moved a little more slowly than I would have liked, but it was definitely still worth my time.

I started a couple more novels this month, both very different from The Weight of Water and each other - it's fun to sample different genres, styles, and authors!

I enjoy sampling new shows, but there's something comforting about turning on an old, familiar sitcom and letting it play in the background while cooking dinner, or folding laundry, or preparing for bed. After finishing Friends on Netflix (for the ?th time), I needed another "comfort sitcom" to fill the void...and The Office came to the rescue. I missed Jim and Pam a lot, and maybe Dwight and Michael a little bit too.

Listening To
Speaking of The Office... Have you heard about the new podcast, Office Ladies?! Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey (Pam and Angela) host the show, and each week they break down an episode and provide listeners with behind-the-scenes stories about what it was like to film that episode. Hearing their voices through my phone - and feeling like I have an all-access pass - has been really fun!

As we tiptoe nearer and nearer to fall(ish) weather, I can finally wear jeans again! (Well, I wore jeans in September because I had grown tired of my shorts, but the temperatures outside didn't exactly make jeans a comfortable choice.)

In the footwear department, for those of you who like the Birkenstock style but not the Birkenstock price, I have had great luck with these Madden Girl Bryceee Footbed sandals. I bought a pair in denim blue a couple of years ago and they are still in decent shape, so this month I picked them up in cognac as well. They're so comfortable, partly because they have an arch support (mandatory for me given my foot problems), and they hold up incredibly well!

Have you ever baked brownies? Have you ever waited patiently for your brownies to cool before cutting them, but they fell apart anyway? HAVE I GOT A SOLUTION FOR YOU. I can't take credit for this solution - I heard it on Naptime Kitchen's Instagram stories - but I have to share it: when you cut your brownies, use a plastic knife. So simple, yet so effective.

As someone who bakes frequently, it's safe to say this hack has changed my life.

We tried a few new recipes this month, but only one earned a share here on the blog. This Pork Chop Marinade - I used it on boneless pork chops rather than the bone-in pork chops the recipe calls for - was truly delicious, almost surprisingly so.

Feeling Good About
This month I'm going lighthearted when it comes to this category.

Happy October, friends!

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