Friday, August 30, 2019

High Five for Friday (8.30.19)

Well, we didn't win anything at our orthodontist's annual Splash Bash pool party (they give away thousands of dollars worth of incredible prizes and gift cards), but we had a great time swimming after dark. Last summer the pool offered weekly evening family swims, and we took advantage of quite a few. This summer, however, the pool did away with this particular special event, so last Friday night was the first time we swam under the lights, an absolute favorite summer activity for both kids.

The following night was the last time we swam under the lights for the summer, but we had great fun celebrating our friends Kaylee and Lexi at their combined 12th birthday party.

On Monday night I attended the beginning-of-the-school-year Open House at Will's middle school, and I didn't get lost a single time! More importantly, I met all of Will's teachers and feel even better about the "big kid" school I send him off to every morning.

Tom and I upgraded our phones this week, and while I only transitioned from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 7 (I prefer to stay at least a few years behind the times 😂), I am truly excited about my new and improved camera. Stay tuned for better - though just slightly better, as the photographer's skills haven't improved - pictures!

Happiness Highlights
Celebrating their Nutcracker roles. 
Borrowing my blue-light glasses and using my computer to work on
his history assignment. He looks so much like me at 12 years old...if
I'd had cuter glasses and a much shorter haircut. 
Sweet friends kicking off their first week of the dance year.
Just a little something Hallie drew on a paper lunch bag...
Tux proved how just how patient he can be when the little
girls dressed him up in his Battle Mouse hat and made him
pretend to nurse all of the stuffed baby kittens.
Those of you who know about Tom's bed candy - and the infamous
cake and strawberry ice cream incident - can appreciate how happy
I was when he didn't spill his bed strawberry shortcake. 😂
This kid carries three backpacks, a binder, breakfast, and
a water bottle to school - at 6:35am - every day. (He also
changes his clothes four times - well, three changes between four
outfits - during the school day.) I would complain. He doesn't. 😍

Happy weekend, friends!

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