Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Seasons They Go 'Round and 'Round

In honor of fall's arrival, here are a few photos of my favorite season. I truly feel born again when the leaves begin to change.

Fall has arrived elsewhere in the country, but here in Texas we nearly skipped it completely. Last Sunday the temperature peaked at 93 degrees and we ran our air conditioner until midnight. By Monday afternoon the temperature had plummeted to 48 degrees, and along with this winterrific (by Texas standards) cold front came horrendous rain and wind gusts near 40 MPH. I had to sit outside in this weather from 7:30pm until 9pm while Will played a soccer game, and I secretly LOVED it. We've circled back around to fall now though...or at least I think we've circled back around to fall...and it feels amazing.

* Special thanks to my mom and my second grade teacher for these photos! And how wonderful is Facebook in that it allows me, as an adult, to get to know my second grade teacher?!

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