Friday, October 19, 2018

High Five for Friday (10.19.18)

I mentioned in last Friday's post that this year's dance pics required us - girls and moms - to spend two hours outdoors in 91 degree heat and 724% humidity, surrounded by mosquitoes, ants, and a savage attack cat. I think doing so was worth it.

Last Friday Will and his classmates celebrated meeting one of their fundraising goals with a glow in the dark obstacle course. Taking pictures in the dark proved challenging, but at least I could watch him have fun in person (when I wasn't trying to protect my face from flying, glow in the dark basketballs).

On Sunday we wrapped up Will's birthday celebrations with a casual gathering of a few friends for video games at Nerdvana (a local vintage arcade) and cupcakes back at our house. This is a great group of boys, and I'm grateful Will has them for friends.

Last Saturday evening Hallie took an incredible calypso masterclass from one of her favorite teachers. (And I went out for a beverage and nachos with friends while she danced.) We love Dominick - Hallie finds him both fun and entertaining, but she also learns so much and works as hard or harder in his classes than she does in any other class.
I love this one - I see a beautiful combination of strength and grace.
She wanted me to caption this photo: "I'm still not sure
what I'm doing with my arms when I do a calypso leap".
Hallie and Dominick.

A few weeks ago Hallie accompanied a friend to Awana
night at church. Hallie had a great time, so she went again
the following week, and the week after that, she officially joined
and received her Awana shirt and handbook. She was so proud!
Grandma and Grandpa sent Will this cool Lego chess set for
his birthday - the board and each of the pieces are built out of Legos!
Halloween-themed Body Pump launch at my gym!
Helping make her brother's birthday cupcakes.
One of the first four recipients of the
"Diamondback Award" at school.
Reading with Princess Leia.

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots! 

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