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High Five for Friday (10.12.18)

Last week I replaced my High Five for Friday post with Will's birthday post on Thursday, so today's high fives go back a couple of weeks. Happy Friday, friends!

Will had a great - albeit busy, with early morning cello practice, school, lunch with Mom, runners' club, soccer practice, and dinner out - birthday. Thank you to everyone who wished him well last week!
We always do powdered sugar donuts
topped with a candle for birthday breakfasts.
Fast forward to the end of the day - birthday cake time!
He wanted a white cake with raspberry layers and chocolate frosting
for his actual birthday and Fortnite cupcakes for his party in a few days.
Soccer ball cookies for his teammates after practice!

I also want to give a shout out to my friend, Jamie, who recently started her own cookie baking and decorating business. She made Will's birthday cookies (no parties at school anymore, but I wanted Will to have something to take to his soccer teammates since they practiced on his birthday) and they were both adorable and delicious. If you live in the BCS area, get in touch with Jamie for all your cookie needs! (Click on the image below to visit her Facebook business page.)

Six or so months after I came due for a cut and color, I FINALLY had time to get my hair done! My hair always needs attention in May, but I hold off because the summer sun and chlorinated water bleach and dry my hair out regardless. Then I hold off again once school starts because August and September are completely booked with PTO events and fundraisers. But when October rolls around, I'm finally back in my stylist's chair and it feels so good. (No pics though - I have a strong dislike for selfies.)

She didn't win the Student Council presidential election (and didn't seem too troubled about losing to her friend "Action Jackson"), but I'm proud of my Hallie Claire for choosing to run for office, coming up with a clever poster, writing and practicing her speech, and presenting it to the members of Student Council. Putting yourself out there - especially where there exists a chance of public defeat - is never easy, and she handled the process gracefully and with a smile on her face.

Speaking of proud... Last week Will heard both an acquaintance and a friend use a derogatory term. He told the boys that the word was mean, insulting, and inappropriate, and that if they said it again, he wouldn't continue playing with them. The acquaintance used the word again, so Will stuck to his guns and walked away. I wouldn't have known about this if another friend of Will's hadn't seen and heard the situation unfold and then told her mom...who happens to be one of my best friends. Kids make A LOT of bad decisions, but every once in a while they make an incredibly good one.

We have a new creative studio in town, and last Friday night I finally had the opportunity to try my hand at DIY wood sign art.

These projects cost a fair amount (more than DIY canvas painting art studio projects, for example) so I won't be able to visit the studio very often, but the process was interesting and fun and I can't wait to go back!

Happiness Highlights
Painting her daddy's toenails a lovely
combination of royal blue and kelly green.
Hallie and her dance family.
Flu shots - check!
Never far...
...sometimes REALLY close. (He somehow
squeezed into the less than two inches of space
between my back and the back of the chair. 
My puppy nephew in his Halloween
costume. He looks psyched about it.
A friend captured this pic of Hallie at the
moment her Mini Company director showed
them their first costume for the year. 😍
It's beautiful!
On an overcast, slightly rainy Saturday I decided to
indulge in my first caramel apple spice of the season. 
Found my T1-82 for Will to use! 😂
Halloween decor is up!
"I love you so much, Will."
Me and my girl at her last Boosterthon.
Hallie and one of her besties, Tessa.
I'm so grateful for their friendship.
Four (of their five) years of Boostheron together!
The boys' bathroom doors at Will's school also got a makeover!
When did these handsome boys get so big?! 
When you survive two hours of dance photos with 16 seven, eight,
and nine year olds (in 91 degrees and 724% humidity and surrounded
by mosquitoes, ants, and a savage attack cat) you go out for ice cream
with friends. Thank goodness for ice cream.

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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