Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Tuesdays With Tux (on Wednesday): So Long, Farewell

After a wintry February, spring seems to have sprung here in Texas. No doubt Mother Nature has a few cold and rainy days left on the docket for us, but until those days arrive, we'll enjoy these (slightly) warmer temperatures and (mostly) sunny skies.

Tux, however, doesn't seem too thrilled that winter is on its way out. His favorite place to relax - besides right next to Will - is in front of the fire. This winter he spent the majority of his inside time snuggled up next to the fireplace screen, dozing in and out of consciousness and dreaming (I can only assume) about the next animal he'll bring me.
"Please, Tom, light it faster!" (Can you see Tux
frantically nuzzling Tom's leg while he tries to
light the fire? He panics until it's actually lit.)
Using my hand as a pillow (as in showing
me how much he loved me that day).  
Christmas kitty.
Full-on nap mode.
Tux did not like it when Hallie set up her nutcrackers
in his spot. Thankfully he found a temporary solution.
The situation got worse before it got better, but
Tux tried to be flexible. I was actually surprised
he didn't attempt to move the nutcrackers...
The transition from winter to spring means I turn the fireplace on less and Tux currently despises me. He sits in front of the dark fireplace, hoping he can change my mind with his longing eyes and protesting meows.

Tux may be complaining about the arrival of spring, but he's the only one.

Happy birthday, mom!

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