Friday, March 16, 2018

High Five for Friday (3.16.18)

It's possible I've jinxed the Wednesday through Friday portion of my weeks...just like the week prior, last week went downhill after I hit "publish" on my High Five for Friday post. Nothing terrible, thank goodness, but the next round of illness, a series of frustrating (volunteer and paid) work communications, and an embarrassing situation in which I royally dropped the ball had me longing for a do-over, a new week, and spring break.

So, just like the week prior, one of this week's high fives comes from the those "dark days" (maybe that's what I'll start calling Wednesday evening through Friday afternoon). The rest come from the first few days of spring break - hallelujah!

1. Because of illness, Will stayed home with me on both Thursday and Friday of last week. He had a fever all day Thursday but felt fine otherwise, so we went for a three-mile walk in the morning and in the afternoon we had a picnic lunch and watched The Hunger Games (he just finished the book so I promised him we could watch the movie when Hallie wasn't home). On Friday his fever was gone but he had a headache and a rough cough that required a few breathing treatments (because of his asthma, nearly every illness Will acquires ends up in his chest) so I had to keep him home again. I didn't get nearly as much done around the house or on my current writing projects as I would have had I spent those two days home alone, but the amazing conversations Will and I had about books, movies, politics, decision making, and morality more than made up for that "loss". I love listening to him work through what's happening in our world (especially when he correctly uses big words in his analyses), and I appreciate that he still listens to what I think and considers my life experiences when forming opinions and making decisions about how to navigate the challenges in front of him.
Tux was thrilled to have Will at home. 
SOOOO possessive of his boy.

2. Spring Break, baby! I felt such a wave of relief when 4:00pm on Friday afternoon finally rolled around. We didn't go out of town but we needed a break from...well, alarm clocks, mostly. Hallie and I wake up with our alarm clocks - or we wake up just a couple of minutes before our alarm clocks go off - every week day and we both can't stand them. (Will wakes up when he hears Hallie moving around, and Tom wakes up when he hears all of us in the kitchen getting ready for school. Oh, the casual, relaxed life those boys lead...) More than anything, she and I couldn't wait to turn off our alarms and wake up when our bodies were ready to do so.

3. Y'all. I can't stand time changes. Personally, I would like to split the difference between Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time and then NEVER CHANGE THE TIME AGAIN. EVER. But...since this post is about high fives, I send one up for the fact that after five days, we have fully more than halfway adjusted to the shift.

4. On Monday night all four Ferri filled out their 2018 NCAA Basketball Tournament brackets. (You can catch a thorough recap of our now 14-year history of tournament bracket competitions here.) Will pulled off a convincing victory last year, so this year I'm (not so) secretly rooting for Hallie and her completely random selections to somehow come out on top. Whatever the case, we love this family tradition!

5. Happiness Highlights
Just because...
Hallie and I took pics next to every flowering bush and tree we came
across on our most recent weekend walk. Spring is just around the corner!
I woke up early to bake banana bread one morning right
before spring break. Hallie also woke up early, and she joined me
in the kitchen and offered to help by unloading the dishwasher.
I rewarded her by letting her lick the bowl. For breakfast. 
This girl misses her friend/neighbor when they travel,
but she LOVES walking their dog while they're gone.
A beauty blogger I follow highly recommends Sonia
Kashuk make-up brushes (sold at Target). I won't buy
from the professional/precision line because of price,
but I can't wait to try her basic brush line! 
Easter eggs are up!
Spring break sleepover fun!

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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