Thursday, August 20, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Hallie Chestnuts a 'Nan

Every year on the 4th of July we watch the Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest on ESPN. For years a Japanese Eater named Takeru Kobayashi won the golden belt, however in 2007 he lost to Joey Chestnut, a newcomer with a new style of eating.

Tom and I refer to Chestnut's eating style as the "bite and push" method. He takes a bite and pushes the hotdog farther into his mouth. Then he takes another bite and pushes the hotdog farther into his mouth again. He never sets the hotdog down or even lets it break contact with his lips. (It's unclear where in the process chewing and swallowing occur.) After watching Chestnut for a few years, Tom and I renamed the "bite and push" method after him, as in "Will, are you going to Chestnut that hotdog?"

When she was itty bitty, Hallie loved bananas, as in she ate two each morning for breakfast and on some days, a third as an afternoon snack. (Back then Will loved bananas too, so I bought between 20 and 35 bananas at the grocery store every week.) She ate them quickly, usually finishing both breakfast bananas in about three minutes…and she ate them Chestnut-style.

Without further adieu, here is baby Hallie, showing us how to "Chestnut a 'nan".

Thanks for watching this summer's Throwback Thursday videos! Until next summer, Throwback Thursday!

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