Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up (10.18.13)

A Dangerous Swimming Hole
Apparently there's a lake in Tanzania that, because of its extraordinarily basic - the water maintains a pH level between 9 and 10.5 - chemical make-up, actually turns animals who swim in its water into stone. A local photographer's images of the petrified animals are as creepy as any haunted house I've suffered through and provide a perfect segway into the Halloween season...

Two Sentence Horror Stories
While we're on the topic of creepy, check out these two-sentence horror stories. (And if you enjoy the three on this first page, click on the AskReddit link for more of the same.) I don't generally like "pop-out" scares (bloodied zombies grabbing my hands in haunted houses, or worse, Will jumping up out of my hamper - where he's waited silently for 30+ minutes - when I nonchalantly open the top to toss my socks in), but I enjoy scary movies and stories, especially the kind that leave you emotionally churning or really thinking when they come to an end. These short stories fit the bill...some made me shudder, and a few even gave me goose bumps - not bad for two sentences!

Here's a taste:

After struggling desperately to move any part of his paralyzed body to alert the doctors that he was conscious before they made the first incision, he was relieved to see that one of the nurses noticed his pupils dilating from the bright light. She leaned in close and, in a whisper that tickled his ear, said "you think we don't know you're awake?"  ~ Clayboy731

When I finally grabbed her in the darkness, I swam back to the surface. It never occurred to me how fast the ice could freeze over.  ~ ADGE_S

Daily Odd Compliment
On a lighter and funnier note, check out this tumblr blog if you're in need of a daily message that kind of compliments you (or the recipient) and kind of doesn't. These are perfect to use on great friends and sisters...and now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure I've used at least a few of these things on my sister at one point or another. Thankfully she continues to stick with me, but maybe that's just because my mom told her she has to.
This one's for my sister. 
This one's for my SIL. 
Brides Throwing Cats
Cat fans will love this site because the cats are cute. Cat haters will love this site because the cats are being catapulted through the air by over-zealous brides. Either way, I think you'll enjoy "Brides Throwing Cats".

Next Week
I think I'm going to try something new next Friday - instead of a weekly wrap-up, I'm going to link up with High Five for Friday. High Five for Friday (H54F) - hosted by Lauren Elizabeth, a blogger I read occasionally - is an opportunity to reflect on your week and then document five of your favorite experiences, moments, accomplishments, etc. from it. Though I'll probably include some of my favorite links, pictures, and videos from the week like I do now, I'll also spend a little time focusing on the good that surrounds me in the every day. Come back and check it out next Friday!

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