Friday, April 20, 2012

A Look Back on the First Year

Today is the one year anniversary of A Midwestern Girl (in Cowboy Country). In honor of this special day, which I consider not just the anniversary of this blog but also the anniversary of my decision to start tiptoeing toward a longtime dream of mine, I thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane. (I "borrowed" this idea from a fellow Wisconsinite-turned-Texan blogger - thanks, Jacoba!)

Here are this year's most viewed Midwestern Girl posts:

10. Tradition: Let's Get Our Yell On!: 86 views

9. Dabbling in Photography: 95 views

8. An Up-and-Coming Country Superstar: 106 views

7. Texas in the Spring: 114 views

6. Houston, We Have a Purple: 115 views

5. Times Are Changing: 121 views

4. The Birds: 154 views

3. Tradition: Reveille: 208 views

2. The Piston Cup, or Not: 312 views

1. No Bully Tour: 1,186 views

I'm not at all surprised that the No Bully Tour was my most-viewed post, as it's about a concert tour that is likely Googled by tweens, teens, and young adults on a regular basis.  I am surprised, however, at the popularity of posts like Houston, We Have a Purple, which is about purple nail polish.  Unpredictable, these interwebs...

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  1. i love your blog erin! i enjoy reading about your texas adventures and look forward to the stories that emerge in the next year!

    p.s. i really hope you didn't post this at 4am....