Friday, April 27, 2012

Flashback Friday: Little Girls

Shortly before Will was born we transitioned to taking only digital pictures, storing all of our pictures on our computers, and uploading all of our pictures to a Picasa web album. When our need for photo albums went out the window (which was actually alright with me, because while I LOVE to look at pictures, I wasn't a fan of the space photo albums took up on my living room, family room, and office shelves), all of my printed photos went into boxes and my albums were sold for $0.25 each at my garage sale.

A couple of years later I sorted through my boxes of photos and lightened the load from close to 1,000 photos down to a couple hundred. Photos of ex-boyfriends, acquaintances, and places I couldn't remember visiting went into the trash, and I was left with a smaller number of pictures that meant a whole heck of a lot more to me.

I took the box down off the shelf in my closet a couple of weeks ago, and realized that most of the photos in the box I had only in paper form. Scanning them into my computer sounded pretty boring, but when I came up with a plan to share some of these older photos on the blog I found the motivation to learn how to work the scanning function on my printer and followed through on scanning some of the best photos.

And so for the next few weeks I'm going to post groups of photos - in a series I'm calling "Flashback Fridays" - here on the blog. Whether you've known me for my entire life, we've recently become friends here in Texas, or we've never met in person, you'll probably enjoy a good laugh over some of my hairstyles, clothing choices, orthodontia, etc. (I'm still looking for a single picture that captures me during the year that included an almost-mullet hairstyle, stone-washed and tapered mom jeans, huge glasses, and a headgear; if I find one I PROMISE to post it.)

So without further adieu, here is my first edition of Flashback Friday..."Little Girls".

Erin, 1 day old
And just for fun, here's Hallie at 1 day old.
See the resemblance?!
JC Penney Portrait Studio
Erin, at 1 year
Niagara Falls
Erin, at 3 1/2 years, is on the left
Sara, at 1 year, is on the right
No idea why I'm wearing a turtleneck and corduroy
overalls and Sara's wearing a summer dress.
JC Penney Portrait Studio
Sara, at 20 months, is on the left
Erin, at 4 years old, is on the right
And again, just for fun, here's a recent
picture of Sara's daughter, Lily.
I think they could be twins!
I'm hoping to highlight the elementary and middle school years next week, provided I can get my hands on a few pictures from my mom's photo albums.  (My box of photos doesn't seem to include any from those years - must have been that I chose to toss most of the photos that highlighted my very poor hair and clothing choices and cumbersome orthodontia.)


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