Friday, June 7, 2024

High Five for Friday (6.7.24)


Late last week I was able to have coffee or lunch with multiple friends, a few of whom I hadn't seen in quite a while. I think the kids - who were home each time I headed out the door - were surprised at how often I leave the house on a normal day. 😂


On Friday night - more than six weeks late - Hallie "celebrated" her birthday (and by celebrated, I mean used her birthday as an excuse to plan an extra fun sleepover) with friends. I'm so grateful she has these three in her life.


Will was recently added to Cavalry Soccer Club's UPSL roster, and on Saturday night he dressed for the first time. He wasn't sure if he'd play at all, but he ended up with 10-15 "debut" minutes at the end of the game during which Cavalry came back from a two-goal deficit to tie the game at three all. Will didn't directly influence either goal, but it was really cool for all of us to see him take his game to the next level. 

UPSL, or United Premiere Soccer League, is the largest and most competitive pro-development league - for players 16+ - in North America. There are more than 400 teams across the United States and I believe the league has now expanded to Mexico and Canada as well.

Halftime nap for Tom. It was one MILLION degrees
with one THOUSAND percent humidity outside, so his need
to doze was understandable - it felt like we could barely move.

Add to the heat and humidity that they played at dusk, so the
mosquitoes were out in full force. (I realize I've made it sound like
we didn't have fun, but we always have fun watching him play.)


After a week off, Hallie returned to dance - with a week-long intensive at the new Elements Academy of Dance - on Monday. You know your kids love what they "do" when a few days rest just makes them want to get back into the studio more. 

Hallie loved learning from her usual teachers, but she also had a great time with guest teachers Dominick Oliver and Gary W. Jeter II.

Mr. Dominick

Mr. Gary


We've made tremendous strides with two of our three Lion King 2 babies - Kiara and Kovu are completely delightful and are going to make wonderful additions to a family as soon as they've finished all of their veterinary care. Progress with Vitani has been s...l...o...w, but these last couple of days we've seen noteable progress - she's still scared, but she has started allowing us to be near(er) to her, she will now eat while I'm in the same room as her (as long as I don't stare directly at her), and she's now playing with her siblings. We're getting there!



Vitani, solidly under the bed...

...Vitani, at the *edge* of under the bed...

...Vitani, out from under the bed and in the bathroom!

Happy weekend, friends!

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