Tuesday, June 11, 2024

A Day (Few Hours) Late and a Dollar Short

Sometimes things don't go exactly like we'd planned, and today's post is one of those things. 

Hallie and I spent all day Friday packing our bags (laundry baskets - my newest packing trick that I can’t believe I didn’t try sooner) and loading the car. At 10am on Saturday morning, we hit the road, bound for Nashville. We made it about two-thirds of the way, to Forrest City, AR,  that evening, and then we finished the drive on Sunday. 

The reason for our road trip? Hallie’s summer intensive at Nashville Ballet. She started yesterday, and day one - while not without a couple of snafus - was as successful as I could have hoped for, all things considered. 

I had plans to write Friday night at home, then Saturday night on the road, then Sunday night in Nashville, and then yesterday while Hallie was dancing…but none of those scenarios played out. I’m hoping to find a coffee shop and crank out a few hours of writing and work tomorrow, and then I should be back on track for Friday. Until then, here’s an early glimpse into our adventure!

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