Friday, February 23, 2024

High Five for Friday (2.23.24)



You know where we start...your weekly Lads update! 

Last Friday night was tough. Among other challenges, with 28 minutes left in the game the referee gave one of our players a red card. For those of you who might be unfamiliar, after receiving a red card, the carded player must leave the field and the team is not allowed to replace him, meaning the team plays down a man for the remainder of the game. The Lads managed to hold on to the 0-0 tie (and even came incredibly close to scoring the go-ahead goal more than once), which is saying something given that they were playing with 10 men. They weren't happy with their performance, but a tie and the accompanying point is better than a loss. 

On a more positive note... JV-A played immediately prior to varsity. With the score tied 0-0 and just a few seconds left on the clock, Mag West kicked the ball FAR out of bounds hoping the game would just end. Southern - Will's varsity coach - was standing on the sideline near where the ball went out, and rather than wait for the ball boys to retrieve the ball (which would have undoubtedly used up the remaining second seconds of the game), he grabbed a new ball out of the ball bag and tossed it to the Consol player. Consol threw the ball in, the player who received the throw passed it immediately back to the thrower, and he took a shot from basically the sideline. And with .2 - that's POINT TWO - seconds left on the clock, the ball sailed through the air and dropped into the back of the net just over the goalie's outstretched fingertips. All of JV-A and all of varsity - who were warming up on the far side of the stadium - rushed the field in celebration. It was a fantastic display of grit and fight, a lesson in playing until the final whistle, and a beautiful of example of Lads supporting Lads, regardless of team.

On Tuesday night we traveled to Brenham, where the Lads pulled out kind of a messy win. Three points is three points though, so we move on and go again tonight at home against Magnolia. If you live in the BCS area, come on out and join the Lads' fandom!

I'm surprised this pic turned out, given that they'd just turned
off the lights on us and it was taken in almost complete darkness. 


We celebrated a little bit of Valentine's Day on Wednesday and a little bit of Valentine's Day on Thursday, thanks to everyone's different schedules. The kids may be 17 and almost 15, but they still love my Valentine's Day treasure hunt to find their gift, which this year was a CraveBox (a snack box care package) to share and new heads for their electric toothbrushes because #candy. 

"Airplane Ears" (what we call Popeye when we catch
him doing something he isn't supposed to do) has recently
learned how to get on the counter. He knows he isn't allowed
up there, but he's also so proud of himself. He really liked
Hallie's cat-friendly Valentine's bouquet from AJ! 

Hallie with her Valentine's box for
choir (for which she won a prize).

Their Valentine's Day treasure hunt always looks
like a combination of wrestling match and race...

Divvying up their Crave Box goodies.


Both kids have really great friends. I've written a more elaborate version of this high five multiple times, but I keep deleting it because, or at least I think it's because, the elaboration just isn't necessary. So both kids have really great friends, and I'm tremendously grateful.

I don't have pictures of Will and his friends, because they don't need me to drive them around the way Hallie and her friends do. I guess that's my shuttling tax - I get to take pictures.


Introductions have begun! Popeye is always so interested (and yet so scared, at least at first) to meet our foster babies. We had to delay - beyond the initial two-week quarantine period - introducing Popeye to Anne and Belle because they had quite a few poop issues at first, but now that we have all of that under control, they can start spending time together. 

I think they're going to get along just fine...


Happiness Highlights

He doesn't let me take very many pictures of him, but
apparently he lets photographer friends take pictures of
him. So when those photographer friends share those
photos, I screen capture them. I'll take what I get of my
"teenager in the wild" - thanks, @noahandcamera!

Will follows two dress codes: "full suit" or "athletic
clothes closely resembling pajamas." He wears very
little in between, and these two pics are proof.
The things we'll do for kittens... I'd gotten down on
the bathroom floor to clean something up, and while
I was down there, Anne climbed on my back and fell
immediately asleep. So I had to stay there, with my
45-year-old joints on the tile, for 20 minutes, because
she was too cute to wake up. 

The high school newspaper had both a Lads blurb (if you
zoom in, you can see my Lad was given a shout out)...

...and a full spread article devoted to the Lads' fans!

I continue to love my monthly flower subscription
through the high school's advanced floral design class!

Just came across this pic... May you wrap up your week with
as much confidence as this tiny tot delivering mail to the mailbox.

She discovered sunbeam naps. 

Please let this be true!

Happy weekend, friends!

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