Friday, February 2, 2024

High Five for Friday (2.2.24)


I decided it was time for a new High Five for Friday image, and I love this new background - it feels fresh, light, and bright, all of which I need in my life right now!


And now for your weekly Lads update!

They took down Brenham at home last Friday (in the pouring rain for the second time that week). This was their first district home game, so it was also our first dungeon decorating and my first "baking for the Lads and sneaking the treats into the Dungeon after halftime" of the year. Such fun traditions!

funfetti sugar cookie bars

Will to Colton to Graylen (plus the hug at the end)

The closest he ever comes to dancing.

On Tuesday night the Lads beat Magnolia. The win wasn't necessarily pretty, but they got the job done and earned themselves another three points in the rankings.

My new Lads jersey.

Tonight we play our crosstown rival at their stadium; if you're local and would like to watch what promises to be a GREAT game, come on out to College Station High School's stadium tonight at 7:30pm. Bring your noisemakers!


On Saturday afternoon Hallie and I went with friends to see Rock of Ages the Musical (a teen appropriate version) at College Station High School. We loved watching their friend Callie Grace (who was the dance captain and also in the show) and I adored watching a friend of Will's - Ellie - from elementary school CRUSH the female lead.

Zoom in on Avery and Hallie's faces. They were
super excited to take this picture with their moms.

Callie Grace did a fantastic job!

When I saw Ellie take the stage for the first time, I was immediately reminded of the two of them acting together in Goldilocks and the Three Bears as (I think) third graders. That was the beginning of Ellie's acting career, and the end of Will's. 😂 

Ellie is on the left, Will is on the right. It took a
few years but he eventually passed her height-wise. 


Belle and Anne (Annie) are two of the "messiest" (they have LOTS of GI issues we're addressing) babes we've ever had...but they're also two of the sweetest and cutest we've ever had. Let me know if you'd like to come over and play with them!

She LOVES hanging out inside this
toy. Don't worry - she's not trapped!

Once she even took a nap in there.

Post-butt bath...IYKYK.


Happiness Highlights

My girl in her first demi-soloist role!

Happy birthday, Mandi!

Every spring they come back.

Riding around with my boy('s fathead).

2023 → 2024

This week we came across two spectacular "from the archives" photos
worth sharing... First is Tom, dressed like Tigger (next to his best friend,
Mitch, who's dressed like Winnie the Pooh), at a Hawkeye football game.

Second is both me and Tom featured on our choir's
concert poster. Yes, that hair was professionally styled.


Happy weekend, friends!

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