Friday, February 16, 2024

High Five for Friday (2.16.24)



Let's start with your weekly Lads update! On Friday night the Lads won a clutch game against Montgomery Lake Creek. The Lake Creek stadium is a tough place to play (let's just say that their fans aren't known for their positivity), so this 1-0 victory was particularly satisfying and a great way to kick off the weekend.

Laughing at our photobombers, who have started to watch and
wait for us to try to take our picture withOUT them in the background.

On Tuesday night we took on Montgomery at home. The Lads had a little trouble finding the net (though they had many incredibly close opportunities) in the first half, but finally made it happen in the second; they walked away with a 2-0 victory to close out the first round of district play.

We outsmarted our photobombers this time.

Tonight #wegoagain, kicking off the second round of regular season play as we take on Magnolia West, this time at home. (If you play a team away during round one, you play the same team at home during round two, and vice versa.)


On Saturday morning Hallie and I volunteered, through our mother-daughter service organization, to walk dogs at the Aggieland Humane Society. We walked three different pups - Major, Jester, and Hazel - for more than three miles, and we got our upper body workouts in thanks to the strength of our charges. While we loved this volunteer opportunity, it was heartbreaking to see SO many dogs at the shelter. If you're searching for a new four-legged family member, "adopt, don't shop" at the Aggieland Human Society or another humane society, shelter, or rescue near you.


On Sunday afternoon, Hallie and I popped into Six Kittens Rescue's second annual Kitten Shower. We dropped off our gifts (two for SKR and one for founder Mallori, from her beloved Popeye), chatted with a few SKR team members, enjoyed delicious refreshments, courtesy of Uncorked, and snapped a picture on our way out. Such a sweet and fun event!


Other than the Lads game Friday night, volunteering on Saturday morning, and the kitten shower on Sunday afternoon, we had a fairly free (at least comparatively) weekend. Will watched soccer games and got together with a friend to work on a physics project, Hallie sewed pointe shoes and hung out at a friend's house, Tom worked on projects in his Mad Science Laboratory, and I caught up on laundry, got a jumpstart on next week's to-do list, and baked one of my favorite chocolate cakes. On Sunday night, we held our annual Super Bowl competition, and while it was probably our worst showing - Tom took home the prize with only three correct answers - we still had fun, especially during Usher's halftime show!

On Super Bowl Sunday I miss my grumpy little Packer backers... 


These little rugrats are officially posted for adoption! Send me a message (erinlferris at yahoo dot com) if you or someone you know is interested in making them (preferably both of them, as they're a bonded pair) part of your family!

Happy weekend, friends!

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