Friday, January 5, 2024

High Five for the Holidays



We had planned to leave for Nebraska on the Thursday before Christmas. On Tuesday evening, just 36 hours before our scheduled departure, Will noticed a nasty wound on Plié's tail. I quickly called the vet and explained the situation (our impending travel), and they were able to fit her in that evening. It turns out she'd been bit - likely by another cat - and that bite had become VERY infected very quickly. 

We had noticed Plié acting a little more standoffish than usual the two days prior to her appointment, but when we'd looked her over, we hadn't been able to find anything out of the ordinary. It was only because she was laying in an odd position, and Will happened to look at her at exactly the right time, that he spotted the bite, and I'm so grateful he did. I'm also thankful the vet was able to care for Plié so quickly (the vet expressed and cleaned the wound, gave her a heavy duty antibiotic shot, and sent her home with anti-inflammatory and pain meds...and in a cone of shame). 

We decided we couldn't leave Plié on Thursday - we needed to see that her tail was beginning to heal and that she was handling eating, drinking, and using the litter box while wearing the cone - so we postponed our departure for a day. In the meantime, my three besties created a schedule to check on and care for her multiple times a day in our absence. (She needed meds at first, and then they were making sure her wound was healing, she was still wearing the cone, she was eating and drinking, she hadn't gotten food and/or litter inside her cone, etc.) They went above and beyond to keep her safe and on the road to health, and we're tremendously grateful to have friends like them in our lives.


Once we made it to Nebraska, we had a wonderful visit with all of Tom's family. It was the first time in years that Tom and all of his siblings had been together, as well as the first time most of us had met sweet baby Rock and one of Tom's brother's girlfriend, and all three made the trip incredibly special.


I think that the only thing Hallie really wanted for Christmas was snow...and Santa Claus, in partnership with Mother Nature, delivered.


Will and I drove home from Nebraska together on the 27th ahead of high school soccer practice on the 28th, while Tom and Hallie stayed for a few more days and flew home on the 30th. That drive home, while long (13ish hours), was the only thing I wanted for Christmas: time with Will. He only slept for ONE HOUR of the entire drive, and the rest of the time we talked, listened to music, sampled a few of each other's favorite podcasts, and tried a bunch of weird snacks. I won't soon forget that drive, and the gift of so much time with my boy.


For the first time, we split up on NYE - Tom, Hallie, and I went to the same party, while Will got together with his friends. While we missed ringing in the New Year with him, we all had a great time.


Bonus Happiness Highlights

Working on my Dutch braids.

For Christmas I bought myself a Friends Polly Pocket.

Hallie and I both love it.

Saving all the packaging just in case I need to
someday sell it in order to pay for my retirement.

Tom's really into his light glasses these days.

Riding along with my friends to our dancers' Winter Ballet
Workshop,which was particularly funny because Hallie didn't go
(she was still in Nebraska). So it was just me, without my dancer, and
that earned me the title "truest dance mom" by one of Hallie's friends.

New Year compilation #1

New Year compilation #2

My cute parents on NYE.

Happy weekend, friends!

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